Icicile Creek

Hey all you Wenatchee area folk:

I'm going to be in Cashmere one day this week. I'm planning on fishing Icicle Creek, which appears to be the only game in town in terms of moving water because of all the ESA closures. Does the Icicle get an unreasonable amount of fishing pressure because of all the closures? What kind of crowds could I expect to encounter on any given weekday morning/evening?

Just curious.
Small trout, lots of people, especially near the campgrounds. If you aren't too finicky - you can have a lot of fun catching whitefish.

In the late afternoons (after the sun leaves the water), on the flats in lower creek, the whitefish will often be very actively feeding on mayfly spinners, emergers and small ants. They will station in the glassy flats and can be surprisingly selective. A nice substitute for spring creek fishing...
The tributaries are better. Less people, but require a good hike and mountain goat skills to fish. See my note under flyshop refuges in the post above.