Directions to Buck Island and the Two-bit hole

Hi Everyone,

Can someone provide the directions to some of the well-known fly-waters on the Sky? I know asking for directions is sorta frowned on, so I apologize in advance for my rudeness. However, these are places that everyone, except me, knows how to get to so it's not like I'm asking you to give up your secret spot.

I looked through the archives and, while I was able to find references to these two places, I could find no explicit directions as to how to get there. About all I've been able to learn is that Buck Island is accessible from Monroe via wading, and that the Two-Bit hole is accessed via a private road off of Ben Howard road.

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o mykiss

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Buck Island is pretty easy. There's two ways to get there. Right as Highway 2 pulls out of Monroe, there's a pull out. Park there. Bushwack down bank to head of run. Second way is to go to park just below the old rail road trestle on the far edge of Monroe below highway 2 (think it's called Al Marlin Park, or something like that). As I write this, I am having hard time w/ specific directions (I know it driving there, just haven't paid attention to street names). With caveat that you should check map first, I think that has you are heading east on 2 (Monroe main drag), take right at second to last stop light. Go across RR tracks. Just past tracks, hang a left on street that goes back at about 45 degree angle from the street you're on. Road to park kind of weaves back that way. Once you're at gravel parking lot at river, take old dirt road/trail towards trestle. Hang left on trail at trestle, walk up a few feet; you'll see some breaks in brush. There is a slack water channel below you that you can wade across to get to the bottom of Buck Island. Careful - I was just there on Sunday and this channel is deep in places. Water was over the top of my waders and I'm pretty tall. Went in at first light and couldn't really see bottom. By the way, unless you're fishing a two handed rod or shooting head system, or are a damn good caster, this is hard to fish effectively right now because the water is so high it's hard to get your fly out to the choice water. I fished floating and sink tip lines yesterday - caught a sucker on the sink tip and a 13" cut fishing a light bomber on a floater. Unfortunately, no steelhead.

Two Bit is harder to explain (someday I'll watch my odometer to get mile readings from relevant landmarks). Take Ben Howard Road out of Monroe. The road sometimes runs close to river, sometimes away a piece. As you're driving along, you'll go past the Ben Howard park boat launch area. Keep going. You'll pass a trailer park (or something like that). Within a couple of miles is the Two Bit property. Kind of a rambler style house back from the road, with sheds and a bunch of old construction/farm equipment back below the house towards the river. There's a gate between the sheds. Put $1 in box, open gate, drive throug, close gate and continue on rough road to river (maybe 1/4 mile tops). This is a very long run that in lower water you can walk up river to get to Taylor flats. Haven't been there yet this year, but I bet w/ river as high as it is, you can't do that right now.