Weighting Nymphs?

I recently started tying nymphs,ie: hares ears, pheasant tails, Alberta stones, and herl may's. I am asking for advice. Do you all recommend I try some without added weight, some with lead free wire under, some with a bead, and some with lead free wire and bead? Is this just over kill on the weight configurations?

As an added note. I really like using the Ostrich Herl.

I don't lead-wrap underbodies of nymphs as frequently as I once did, but sometimes there's no substitute for reaching bottom. Bead heads, of course, frequently are all the additional weight needed.
I can never tell by feel which of my nymphs are weighted. So I tie a band of gray thread at the back of the heads of the weighted flies. (Admittedly, that's easier to see on a steelhead fly.) Use lead-free wire, by all means. In a generation or two, throwing lead into streams will be grounds for expulsion from Trout Unlimited. Already, it's approaching the "What were we thinking of?" stage.

Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
I like to weight things in series. I first tie a dozen without weight then a dozen with half the wraps as a pattern calls for then a dozen with what the pattern calls for and then a dozen more with 5 wraps over. wow that was allot to get out. I then use finger nail polish to mark the weights on the head with a small dot, green:lite/yellow:heavy/red:sinker. This does help when trying to get where the fish are. Especially when fishing a floating line. I reserve the bead heads for thing I want on the bottom, or streamers. If you live in Washington, with this drought coming on, think low water patterns.
I don't tie too many bead heads. I like the natural look. Most of the ones that don't have a bead, I wrap -but not all of them. I've never done both on the same fly.
With some nymphs/situations, you'll do better in the film or rising from the bottom & thus probably won't need weight. Some you will. :ray1:
Thanks very much for the responses, greatly appreciated. I think the weight progression sequence is great way to go. I am recently new to tying and am having a great time doing it. I started with lead free wire and most definitely will continue. If I recall correctly, I thought I saw lead wire still available. I wonder why it is still used?