Swap Tax Day Fly Swap II

Willie Bodger

Still, nothing clever to say...
OK, this swap inspired me so I tied up 24 or so flies, got 12 toe-tagged and then decided I should finish my taxes before I sent the flies off (incentives are always good, right?). So, got the taxes done last night and the flies are going out today or tomorrow (depends on how nice my wife is feeling when she goes to the post office...). Now, I just need to get out and see if those flies work any different this week than last...
Too cool! Two more sets of flies are on the way. I love it when things go off well.

Looking forward to seeing those flies. Mine are done, tagged and ready, VEE still has to tag hers, but they are some sweet looking flies.

Flies have arrived from Islander and WBodger. If these are any indicator of things to come, we'll have some nice fkies to add to our boxes when it's over. Nice work guys.

Mike Doughty's flies arrived in the afternoon mail. Very nice looking flies. I'm gonna have to break out the magnifyer and tie some of these puppies. This just keeps getting better and better.

Hey Folks,

Sent out an e-mail this morning. As I was working my way down the list our Maine Coon cat decided to use my shin as a scratching post. Big cat=huge claws. In the pain of the moment I forgot where I was on the list. If you got the same e-mail twice, my apologies for filling up your mail box. It's not that I think you need an extra incentive, I was in excruciating pain.

Now where is that peroxide and bandages?

Mine are done, tagged and boxed. Will be in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully all the size 18's will stay on the tags. Had to debarb them to get the bead heads on. The 10's still have their barbs so they should stay. The leeches are an appropriate "cash" green. They are one of the "essential four" for Rocky Ford. :thumb:
Flies Arrived today from FlyinDutchman. Folks, you will not be disappointed with the quality of these flies. Nicely done. Dutchman also graced us witih two patterns. Both are Sweeeeet!
Hi Guys,

Just got back from the Skagit. Been chasing steel and Dollies since Tuesday. I didn't catch anything under 40 inches....or over 39. VEE, however did manage to bring a nice little hen to hand. Her first steelhead and her first fish ever on a spey rod. Now she's really stoked about the two handers. Looks like I'll be going spey rod shopping again.

Cranny, the important thing about swap flies, they gotta work! Pretty is nice, flies that catch fish is better.

Ron, mine will be in the mail tommorow, This is a pattern that will/do/have catch fish and is the color of moneyand a must have for the upcoming opener. ;) :hmmm: That's all I'm going to say...
Randy, Jesse,

Thanks for the update guys. After being on time, everytime for the Marathon Swap, I knew I could count on you guys for some great flies. Looking forward to seeing them arrive in the mail.

For the rest of you'se guys. I don't hear those scissors snippin' or those bobbins spinning. Time is growing short.