Supercat Pontoon Boat For Sale

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Selling my 50" Supercat pontoon boat complete with rowing frame and oars. Used, but in great shape. The current sales price for a new one is over $700. I'll sell mine for $350.

I got this boat as part of a trade for a rod a few years ago. It's a pleasure to fish from - much better than a float tube. The seat folds down into a back-pack frame, making it easy to carry around. My problem is that I'm too big for the 50" pontoons & can't use the rowing frame. I sit too low in the water and my legs are too long for the frame. I really should have gotten the 60" version.

Let me know if you're interested.



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Tom Bowden said:
Selling my 50" Supercat pontoon boat complete with rowing frame and oars.
50"? Are you sure? That's only a little more than 4 feet long. That's kind of stubby for a pontoon boat. :confused:

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Hey Dave,punch the name up in google and you will see what it looks like. Somewhat like a float tube put out by Trout Unlimited called a Kennebec.

Sorry to hijack your ad but had to inform Dave about it.

Hey Jim:
SuperCat is not made by Trout Unlimited, it's now made by New World Mfg. in California, and is a great boat. The 50 is rated for 250 lbs. but if you are much over 200# the 60 might be a better choice. Check out and after you get their site pull up SuperCat. Incidentally, this is a terrific buy for $350. with rowing frame. I've used both SuperCat and Otters for about 15 years, still own both. They have the best pontoons available, made of reg. raft material with no internal bladders.
Hi Jim:
You are so right! I glanced at your post and misread, please forgive my hasty reply. Anyway the big difference is the pontoon material and the ability to backpack, plus rowing frame. It's a great buy for someone.
Tight lines;
I am interested in your supercat, i am 5"11" and weight 190. Do you think it is big enough for me. I still use my old bucks bag round boat, which is about 15 years old. I am ready for a little comfort, it sounds like what i am looking for.
Tom Do you still have the Supercat for sale. Please let me know. thanks, Tim
Also, you can call me at 530-318-5727
Tim, I sold it shortly after the ad was run - back in 2005.

I ended up replacing it with an Outcast Super Fat Cat "U-Boat." It's very comfortable and easy to fish from. I liked the frame on the Supercat, which serves as a backpack for carrying the boat, makes it very stable, and gives you a solid tie-off when you anchor the boat. I still think about getting a 60" Supercat someday.

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