Dry Falls lake help


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I am thinking about heading over to fish Dry Falls/Lenore with my kids the first week of April. Can a trailered 14' rowboat be launched at Dry Falls? Also, what can we expect the fishing to be like in the first week of April?

You can do it.. there's not really a "launch" but it can be done. The first week will fish great, but you will be with about 500 other people.
No sweat. I've launched my 16 foot drift boat there.

Cronies under indicators and damsel nymphs in the shallows should do it.
When the wind kicks up, and it will, head to/stay at Dry Falls.

The last half-mile of road is rough, but two-wheel drive can handle it. Finding room to turn around, launch and park may be the greater problem. It's easier to start out in a shallow-draft boat than in a float tube, through the feet of thick muck near the launch area.