Spraying for mosquitos near dry falls


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Try this on for size. Remeber all the press West Nile was getting last year? I do believe that your fine government has been spraying for mosquitos in the "very near" proximity to dry falls. I pulled into the gas station at the intersection of hwy 17 and hwy 2 at about 2am middle of last june, i think. I hear this odd sound from accross the street. Low and behold there is a white pickup truck comming out of the low seep lakes on the downhill side of the damn with acouple 50 gallon drums in the back, spaying some nasty shit all over the place. I could actually smell it from accross the street. The sound abrubtly changed, i think he ran out of chemicals, the driver got out turned off the spayer and zoomed accross the damn towards coulee city. Then, while camping near by on banks lake the guy swung though the camping area dousing everyones tents and anything else that happend to be left exposed. This is 2:45 am! I get out of my tent and wave the guy down to ask what the hell he's spaying, and why now. He gets all upset, saying its for the mosquitos and that if I dont like it why the hell did i come out here????? He then shut down the spayer, pulled a u-turn and burned some rubber out of there. Not sure if this is related but I have a hard time believing that spaying 50 gallon drums full of something that kills mosquitos is not going to adversly affect the insect populations and on up the line......why is this happening!

food for thought.


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In New England they are using Pyrethrin, an organic pesticide derived from the Pyrethrum Crysanthemum, deadly on mosquitos, and many other bugs. It also breaks down quickly. The West Nile Virus is a serious human health issue on the east coast. Trouble is that Pyrethrin is also credited with the decline in Lobster near the Atlantic Coast. The poision interferes with the lobster's development. It has been catastrophic.

What you describe here is hardly the appropriate application of a pesticide. My suggestion is that you contact the WA Dept of Ecology for starters. Something is very wrong with this story.


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White truck with a little yellow light on top. I did not see a licence plate. I cant imagine anyone doing this on their own. My guess is it was the Fed's. After telling this story at a friends house a fellow fly fisherman called me later to get the story again. He had spoken with the regional state biologist (?) who i think was mentioned in the current Dry Falls thread. Anyway, he said something to the effect that IF it was the feds spraying for mosquitos they have a lot of "authority" and "jurisdiction". I think this is another way of saying that there is not a lot us lowly state folk can do. Any thoughts on contacting the press? Make some noise? Are they spraying this crap all over the state?

I sure would like to educate myself on what it is they are spraying, who makes such decisions, how much it costs and maybe some science behind the effectiveness.


ps I like the idea of a "conservation" section but it sure seems like more people would see this if it was in the main section with the fishing reports and such? just a thought.

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1) the topic was moved to the Conservation Forum because this is the most appropriate venue for the discussion. It will receive a great deal of attention here though that is not always reflected in the number of responses. Participatioin and readership within a topic are not the same thing. The topic is not missed or read any less in the Conservation Forum- in fact it may actually enhance participation at times.

2) Contact wdfw for that regional Biologists's information:



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Thank you. I was not trying to complain. I am very greatful for this forum. It has and will allow for a much more educated fishing populace.


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Have you done anything to follow up on this spraying issue?

Have you contacted Washington dept of Ecology, WDFW Or Dept of Agriuculture?

Let us know what you found out? :confused:

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"Which is worse..."

Problem is there are other considerations. Human health and livestock health;( West Nile Virus ), and of course the environmental impact of poisons on fish and other insect species.

I would rather live with the personal implications and risks of applying an insect repellant to myself, rather than saturate the environment with generalized broad effect poisons.

But if you have a farm full of valuable horses, or your elderly mom or hemopheliac child is at risk for contracting West Nile Virus from a mosquito bite, you might see it all differently.

There is not an easy answer to this problem. Unless you want to referr it all to Survival of The Fittest and just let the chips, and the bodies, fall where they may.

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I really think that if people would make sure that they had no standing water in their yards and selective spraying would reduce the population 2/3s. elimating a lot of the enviromental hazards.


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I think that the truck you saw most likely was a private individual, maybe a local farmer. Any County, State or Federal government truck would have had ID stickers on the doors.

The idea of a private individual spraying in such a random manor worries me more than if it were a government agency. Government agencies generally make sure that their spray personel are trained in proper application techniques and quantities. A private party would be much more likely to "spray everything in sight and then spray it again just to be sure".

It's not just humans and farm animals that are effected by West Nile. This desease can have effects on wild animals and birds as well.
When we hit Banks Lake every summer they come through camp around 2 am and the guy that was spraying said it was a Malithion solution for bug control. We never really gave it much thought, but I am sure it is nasty stuff.