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got Surfs and mr trouts today.... Both look awesome... still waiting on 2 more...

Got yours too Dane... :thumb:

Surf.... I screwwed up and asked for 14 flies which means everyone will get back couple of their own patterns... Therefore you dont need to send me the extra fly.
And thank you very much for that monster fly... looks like it would be great for striped bass or fish of that nature.


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Ok i just screwwed up when i put down the names and didnt include Surf;s name... i have been agonizing over how i was unable to count to 7...
anyways... just waiting on bob;s flies and they will be out.


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Ok the flies went out today right after i picked up Bobs at the post office. I noticed that i left a couple with barbs on so please remove them prior to fishing.
great work by everyone and thank you for participating. I am very sorry that it took this long to wrap up.
Everyone of you is welcome to come fish SRCs with me this summer out on the canal or the areas around bainbridge.

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
I got mine today, they do look great. It's too bad I am headed back over to the dry side in a few days and I wont get the chance to fish them til probably the end of summer. Oh well, Anyway - Thanks for a great swap! (Are we going to post pics/recipies in the gallery?) - Trevor


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I am at a baseball regional and my phot skills arent great with the Macro stuff but i'll give it a shot when i get back home in a couple days.
I got mine and they all look great, but I'm confused... I got 14 flies, but none of them were ones I tied. I don't have a problem with that since I have plenty of that pattern, but where did the other 2 come from?

I think I know which are which for 10 of the 14. Dizane, which 2 did you do?