Pattern SRC Clouser

I'm not much of a salt water angler , in fact I've only caught one SRC in the salt. The pattern was a simple olive clouser with my own minor adjustments.

I use red thread behind the eyes to replicate gills and just a little bit of fine blue flash between the white and olive bucktail. Of course I try to keep it sparse. I know it's not all original (I've never been the creative type, I'm more of a copy cat) but I think it will catch fish.

The bucktail is darker olive than it appears in the photo, sorry for the poor lighting...

Do you guys have any thoughts?



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no doubt it would catch fish...

i prefer krystal flash in small amounts or that holographic flashabou, although i dont know where to find it. It will give you a little more sparkle.


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Sweet !!! no doubt , fish on! will be heard with that guy on the line.

That's one pattern I have "never" dressed. Some day I spose I should tye some up, people ask for em. I just never have tyed any.

tie more- your gonna need em.