13ft 7/8wt vs 14' 8wt

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Manimal, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Manimal Member

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    I have been fishing an imperial st croix 13' for a couple years now with a SA short head spey line.

    I have now purchased a Sage FLI 8140 14' 8wt, havent bought the reel nor line yet.

    Can someone comment on what the major difference will be between the two rods? Why would i choose to fish one over the other?

    Any recommendations on line and reel for the sage?

  2. Porter Active Member

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    you might want to let people know what sage it is. Many sage spey rods out there all with different actions.
  3. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    Porter, you just needed a second cup of coffee ;)

    "Sage FLI 8140 14' 8wt"
  4. Red Shed "junkyard spey"

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    In my opinion the longer rod would be better on bigger water. It will give you a little more distance and fight the wind better.

    A short head spey line in 8/9 or 8/9/10 will work nicely on that rod as will a mid-head in 8/9.

    A 4"+ reel weighing 10oz to 11oz empty should balance the FLI nicely and hold a spey line with plenty of backing. The Ross CLA 6 would be a good choice @ a moderat price point.
  5. Porter Active Member

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    Itchy...you needed to be up before the coffee was poured....he edited long after the third cup.
  6. sothereiwas Member

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    I'm not to sure about the FLi but that St Croix is wicked with a Mid-Spey 6/7.
  7. Panhandle Active Member

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    I actually got rid of my FLI and moved to a shorder rod (13.7 ft) for large river swinging. For me the FLI was too slow and heavy. Heavy, in that my shoulder wanted to fall off after an 8 hour day of holding the rod on the swing. Too slow, in that I've gotten better at spey casting and I've found that I need a faster action for for my personality. That rod just didn't want to pick up tips for me. I always had do dump line on my anchor before I could cast. Maybe it was me, or maybe it was the rod..... probably me.:eek:
  8. Erik F. Helm Frozen in the river, speyrod in hand

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    I played a bit with that rod as well, but found something off in the balance. In the hour I was casting it, I constantly felt as if I was casting a telephone pole. It just seemed hard to move around too. Glad to know I was not alone.
  9. Manimal Member

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    thanlks for the input, i'll reel it up atleast and see how it feels for me. The st.croix, for me isnt giving me the distance i thiink i should be getting. Most likely it is my casting, but i just feel like i cant get the forward power with it.


    Right now it is stock out of the box loaded on my reel. I havent been using any tips for it. I have a set of sinking tips and a floater. Do i need to cut back the original line for using these tips? If so, where? All my tips are RIO 12'.

  10. inland Active Member

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    I cast Pan's FLI a bit. Same feelings here too. Only line I could make the rod sing was a CND GPS 8/9. Seemed like every other line we tried was just a bit off for what the rod wanted.