14' Maravia New Wave II Raft with Fishing Frame

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  1. Built in 1993. Self Bailing. These are still sold by Maravia, retail = $4300.00 for raft alone. This one is used but it has plenty of life left in it. This is a perfect boat for someone that wants to fish and run whitewater. I'm selling this as I have access to a cataraft and am going to look at a drift boat this evening. I would really like to sell this today if at all possible.

    It comes with a 3 section frame, comprised of a front bay with thighbars and standing platform, middle bay with cooler seat and bench rowers seat, and rear bay with thighbars, swivel seat, and anchor mount. You can see this from the attached pictures.

    This boat also comes with 3 Carlisle oars and oar sleeves and a nice repair kit.

    Full Disclosure:
    1. 2-3 minor seam leaks where the tube meets the floor. This has never been an issue for one or two-day floats, but you may have to top it off a little in the morning. If someone had time and a little repair know-how, they could easily fix this.

    2. There are a number of patches on the boat, including ones around the updated Leafield Valves.

    3. I recently moved the boat from my house to a storage unit. I saw the lazy mover drag the deflated, rolled up raft across some pavement. By the time I saw it there was a little damage done to it. I haven't inflated it to see if it leaks, but I'm guessing that some one may want to patch them. :mad:

    4. When inflated, the top of the floor raises up in the back, and a little in the front. I haven't noticed that this effects the way it rows, and it won't be noticable under the frame. I spoke to Maravia, and this was a common problem for this generation of rafts.

    With all the above noted, I think that $1050 (NEW PRICE = $900!) (NEWER PRICE = $800!) (NEWEST, last chance = $700) is a fair price, but I will consider any reasonable offers.


    Sam :thumb:
  2. I've been thinking it over, and I'm lowering the price to $900 OBO (NEWER PRICE = $800).
  3. Would like this boat sold today ~ new price = $800 OBO.
  4. Last chance - If not sold by 6:00 I'll keep it!

    New price - $700 OBO!!!
  5. Connor H

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    This is a great boat guys, I just bought one like it. Rows great and will stand some pretty sketchy water. If your lookin for a raft, this is a great one to choose...
  6. Boat sold. Thanks to the interested parties.

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    Hey sam. are you interested in selling the trailer that your boat was on in the pic or did you already sell it too.
  8. Hey Tom -

    The trailer did not belong to me. Thanks...