Pattern chrimonid patterns

What are your favorites? I want to try tying some of these but don't really know were to start they look somewhat simple but I'm not so sure they are. Thanks
They are rather simple to tie once you get the hang of it. I prefer to use small bead heads to get them to sink quickly and hang vertical (important). The photo shows 3 different variants, the smallest I tied. Most should be in the 12-14 size range, at least that is my preference. For the body, I use very tiny larva lace, green or black are excellent colors. Add a tiny wire rib to give it some segmentation and flash. Dacron or ostrich make good gill immitations.

Good Luck!

If you like Larva Lace; You'll Love Midge size Liquid Lace. It has far superior strechability and is allot more translucent. Once you use it you'll throw all of that other stuff away like I did!

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I second the recomendation for midge size lace or tubing. It's the stretchability and translucent aspect that makes the difference. The stretch allows you to build a subtle taper to a small, very thin chironimid larvae and the translucency allows you to use an under body to full effect.
The stuff I have been using is distributed by Hareline under the name "Micro Tubing". The Blood Red color is outstanding over white thread on a standard bronze hook.
Try it, you'll like it.

I recently stumbled onto a material called Flex-Floss by Spirit River. It is about the size and shape of regular floss but is rubbery and stretches very small. Perfect for small chironomids. Jim.
I like the thread body with fine silver wire segmented body. You can make the wing case with fine deer hair, which can be cut loose at the eye when you need an emerger.



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Late Winter Pass Lake; Black & Yellow

#8,10,12 Scud hook
Black tunsten bead head to size

Build a tapered underbody out of anything white to the head from the middle of the bend.Yellow floss ( I use the new stretch floss these days) and black v-rib wrapped together with one little tiny strand of pearl krystal hair to form segment to the head.

Currently don't have a picture of one but it's pretty straight forward.

A pattern worth having half a box of.


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it's a vinyl lace/rope type material , similar but not the same as larva Lace- only flat on one side , round on the other. Maybe it's sold under another name these days. Hell, I don't know. I just call it v-rib.