DT Seattle SRC Spots

Mike McCluskey

Macker of the Clan Campbell
A business acquaintence is going to be in town next Thursday, and wanted to flyfish before flying back out on the redeye to the East Coast. I thought the Snoqualmie might be nice, but I thought that SRC fishing would be more unique and offer more fishing time. Any ideas on general areas near the DT area or within a short drive that might be a good after work fishing spot?


Check your regs before fishing any rivers in Western Washington. As for cutthroat, they are moving out into the salt and once there will be on the move. Any of the places that get mentioned on this BB are always possibilities. More than just asking the universal question, "Where are the SRCs?" one is well served to begin understanding how the coastal cutthroat lives seasonally. Right now for instance some cutthroat are most certainly homing in the salt off of estuaries awaiting a bounty of pink and chum salmon fry that will be heading downstream. Others will be holding off of spots like Lincoln Park and any of the other beaches listed by WDFW as "sandlance spawning beaches" as this hatch is forthcoming. Fishing for coastal cutthroat is a marvelous sport for a wild sea trout. To fish this fiesty critter without learning all about them is denial of a high experience.
Good Fishing,
Les Johnson