Surreender the silvers

Alright, I've picked up a couple very exciting if cryptic reports of some outstanding fishing the last few days out on far Kitsap, around Bainbridge, etc. So give it up you guys; who's starting to get coho, and where?
fished hanseville area all day yesterday from shore and seen 1 silver caught at point no point from some die hard flyfisherman casting with some fierce winds yesterday around 8'ish. but theres alot of pressure on these fish not like last year when it opened on august 1st. or theres just not allot of them yet.


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as far as I know, silvers are in pretty hard right now. as far as where, I think everywhere. What I due know, or heard first hand is this: Friends of mine limited out early this weekend fishing out of edmonds. they even caught a blackmouth on a fly rod. someother guys went over to Port Angeles and hired a flyfishing guide and boat and suppossedly hooked 70-80 silvers in one day on a flyrod?! Ya, I know, sounds fishy. I will try to investigate this one further (maybe even go over to see for myself, cause if it is true, holy sh*t! this in washington, not Alaska!) Good luck! YT :EEK
Check the other saltwater postings but if you've got a boat, it's been phenomenal between Kingston and Hansville along the drop offs.

Also, west side of Whidbey has been good recently but usually begins to hit it's peak for me in August.....which would be starting today! Note: hooked - but couldn't land several kings in addition to the silvers on the southern 1/3 of Whidbey during in July. The bonus here is that NO ONE else is fly fishing from a boat in this area, so you can anchor up in a good spot all day and not see another angler. Sure, there's guys trolling out about 50 - 100 feet from your position but they don't bother you. They'll just look at you, wave and then shake their heads, wondering what kind of fool is flyfishing in the salt for salmon. Anyone looking for a great fishing trip and not wanting to drive to Sekiu or Neah Bay ought to consider an outing to this under-utilized area. You won't be disappointed.

Also been to Kayay Point. No silvers for me yet but plenty of searuns. Got into a bunch of them yesterday AM.


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I read in the paper that the checker saw three silvers for forty beach anglers last Saterday at Pt. No Pt. Sunday was twenty two anglers with no fish. It looks like things are pretty slow. I've heard talk that the fish all seem to be running a little late this year. I think things will pick up shortly.
As far as fishing out of Port Angeles, hooking 70 fish in a day is probably possible. Chris Bellows runs a flyfishing charter service there. From what I have heard, he's a excellent guide and a great guy. I had some friends fish with him last year and they really had a great time. They caught a lot of fish also.
I know the straits were awesome last year, so lets hope for the same this year.
On Monday I saw a spin caster land a twenty+ pounder (his friend the next day said 40lbs but we all know how likely that was) off the sand bar at Thomas Eddy park. I also saw multiple jumping big ones.

Too bad you can't keep em'
Where is Thomas Eddy park?


Sorry about that. Thomas Eddy park is off of the lower Snohomish River near Cathcart. And yes, it was quite a site to see a slab like that in the sand. What makes this unfortunate is that it was out of season.
My buddy Mike and I fished with Chris out of Neah bay yesterday and hooked up on about 50 silvers over the course of the day. We fished the Swiftsure bank in some fairly windy conditions, but had a great time. Chris is very knowledgeable, and has a great set-up for fly fisherman. The fish on the whole were on the small side, but the ones we kept were full of krill, so maybe they will put on a few lbs. by the time the hit the sound! We had fished out of Seiku on Sat. in a rented skiff from Curley's, and we both hooked up on a small silver a piece. It was much more difficult to locate fish out there though, and most people we talked too had the same to report.

All said, we had a great time, caught lot's of fish and are now looking forward to seeing these fish hit Puget sound.


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Surrender the silvers

I was out tonight at Richmond Beach from 5-7:30 which was about high tide through ebb, and I had nada pickups and saw no silvers. About as exciting as it got was when one pod of baitfish all jumped in unison, probably to my fly coming through. No hits, no sculpins, SRCs, flounder or the like, and I tried all the right habitats with a bunch of fine flies.

Oh, and there was a bunch of eelgrass up on the shore at the high tide mark, making for messy seas. There must have been one heck of a good windstorm at a low tide for all those leavings.

all right ready? I reside in Bellingham and descoverd coho fihing 15 years ago by accident. Now i chomp at the bit anticpating the new season every year. the silvers are 2 wks early this year.Since 7/31 I have hooked up with no less than 18 salts in 4 2hr avg outings i fish on aocean kayak only in the salt until Oct. Once in a while i hook up with a king and go for a short Nantukat sleigh ride. Most of my spots are little known and see little pressure.eccept from the gillnets.We gaurd this treasure and share with a select few under a oath of secrecy. Snoop around 'pound the shore line. and watch the tide. Go armed with a 6'7'8' wieght floating and sinking line, and candle fish I use a clouser 6 w/ pink n purple w/wieghted eyes green nwhite and a few others. :THUMBSUP Good hunting.
Hey Doublehaul-

I have thought about fishing from a Kayak and was wondering if you have any advise from your experiences that you could share. Do you use a traditional Kayak or a sit-on-top? Just hopin for a bit of wisdom before making the plunge.




Have fun be Safe

hey prouse this messege is from doublehaul.he is having computer probs right know. but he wanted to tell you that we use the sit on top modle they realy work the best.


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Fish are coming in. Just need to be in the right place at the right time.

I'll say this though. Now, I've seen 70-80 fish days, but that's been between like 3-4 guys. I do hope that's how many were in boat, and hopefully more. But, in a boat, I still kind of doubt it, unless they're all using stout rods and yanking them. Just think of it this way, if one guy (which I've read on boards a few touting 100 fish days by themselves) that if you played just 70 fish at 10 minutes a piece nonstop (no breaks, you literally take one fish off, toss your line and hook another) it would take you just over 11 hours. Now, 10 minutes is pretty conservative, unless you have the cookie cutter silvers of hatchery origin. I've had some nice 30 fish days for salmon. But that's putting a solid sunup/sundown on a river. Even in the salt, I think boatwise we nailed max of about 20-30 between 3 guys in a full day. But normally, we rarely get over 5-10 fish caught each. Normally we hit our limits, or a nice enough fish to keep before we gain huge numbers. I think the best day we had (which we kind of saw as bad) was in the 60's, but we were hitting shaker after shaker.

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