....stripping baskets off the beach...


Any brand name recommendations/opinions on stripping baskets off the beach.
Mesh vs. plastic.
Do the cones prevent nesting?
How much extra line is the basket letting you shoot?


orvis plastic basket with the cones and knotches so you can set your rod down and tie easily. got mine for 45 $ in tacoma. nesting isn't an issue anymore with this basket.


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The orvis one is a dandy. You can of course build your own. I've seen some home jobs that work as well, but they tend to end up costing you just as much in time and money spent. If you need colapsibility, there are a ton on the market, but designs with "fingers" or cones on the bottom of the basket really do help you avoid tangles on the cast. Solid bottom vs. ventilated bottom is another issue. In a mild wave environment like the sound, the ventilated bottom can let just enough water push up through the bottom of the basket to tangle your line. In a serious surf situation a solid unvented basket can catch what feels like a whole wave and drive you face first down into the sand. Once again, decisions, decisions :DUNNO

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My experience has been primarily on the atlantic coast, stripers, bluefish etc. I used a few different kinds in the past ten years of salt water flyfishing.My friends all showed up one night with the dandy Orvis model which cost them around $40. I went to Kmart and got a rubbermaid dishpan; plastic, rectangular, about 8" deep, for two dollars on sale. I found a rubber bungee strap on the side of the road that had two s hooks in it. I left the rubbermaid sticker and the Kmart sale sticker on it for effect. My friends were grimacing when I showed up with it. I can shoot a whole flyline out of it easily, by airealizing about forty feet of line and then shooting on the cast. It rarely gets a line tangled even without seperators. If I did use seperators I would get the molded cones from Hunters Angling Supply.One important note is to always use a stretchy type of strap for the belt. Never use a rigid belt. I have had some good waves really thrash my little basket, fill it right up, and with the bungee strap it just dumps it's self almost completely dry.I dont like a drainhole version or a mesh because I like to fish at night and use a light shined into the basket for knot tying and maybe a tangle.But that was back on the atlantic side.Not much night fishing for stripers here. If you do go for the fancy version, use a soft stretchy belt thast lets the basket flip down in a wave, and you wont ever get yanked down or hurt by that.
And if you buy a cheapo like mine, leave the stickers on and it will repel unwanted fishing partners; no one wants to be seen near the thing.