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know that the silvers are beginning to show i am beginning to get pretty excited for themto hit the rivers. i get my drivers license on october 16, 2002 and will be hitting the local rivers in search of some silvers. i live in everett and i am looking for a river to spend some time on. i figure i'll take it one river at a time as opposed to whipping the water to a froth at every fishy looking river. i'm thinking of choosing either the skagit or the stilly for my "home" river (depending on the regs). the skagit can (and will) get flooded with every tom, #####, and harry thats looking for some fresh salmon fo the barby. but skagit silvers bite well and they usually get a good run. i have no experience on the skagit save for one day of humpy plunking. i do have some experience on the stilly and i like that river much better. there is something about nice tailouts and deep pools and good scenery (and SRC's) that make the stilly much more enjoyable than the mighty skagit. but it seems tome that stilly fish dont bite as well as skagit fish. i dont know. it was maddening last year when the river was chock full of fish and it still took a million (well maybe 50) casts to connect with a fish and then it would end up being a humpy snagged in the back. my best fishing buddy doesn't flyfish so the river or part of the river i can fish cannot be fly only water! so, if anybody has any ideas on which river (or a different river altogether) i should spend my time this fall then drop me a line. also, WDFW says they expect 1.5 million chums to return....thats a lot of fish and a lot of sore arms....cant wait.

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Have you ever fished the Stilly down around Silvana. Or have you ever tried the Samish. On the Samish down by the mouth is where all the hardware and bait chuckers go. It is a zoo when the salmon are in.
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ive never tried the samish because i heard it is an absolute zoo when the fish are in. The farthest down on the stilly ive fished is in arlington (or is that darrington?) by where the trafton general store is for pinks last year. Too many people and not enough good holes. i would rather fish somewhere much less crowded where i can be comfortable that i wont hit some poor kid (or a tree) on my backcast. any suggestions would be great.

id like to pick a river soon so i can go prospect some good holes before the crowds get bad.


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have u ever tried the bay the silvers are running early this year
my bro live in bellingham and his buddies have allready slayed them.
in the bay
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my dad and i do a lot of fishin,and it seems like everyone in my family lives on or ner prime fishin holes. one of aunts lives on the snohomish river and within a mile or two of the pilchuck, a goodfriend of the familylives on lake ki in marysville, another aunt has a bass pond in duvall and their neighbor has a great trout pond,not to mention they live wthin walking distance of lk. margeret an a handful of fishable creeks, and my grandma lives on a private beach in tulalip (great SRC's and nice dollys). so during he summer i just hop from one relative to the nex until fall salmon when my dad and i do all of our fishing out in the sound.
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are you talking about little resident fish or larger 3-5lb fish. i have had so many conflicting reports on how the slvers are fishing that i dont know what is going on. someone please clear this up. if there are silvers getting caught where , how, and when are they getting caught.....please.......im getting ancy for some fresh fillets.........


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Please do remember that the main Stillaguamish is ONLY open to fishing for chums, not for coho or any other species of salmon. The North Fork of the Stilly is NOT open to fishing for any species of salmon at any time. Unless the Special Rules section specifically states that a river is open for salmon fishing, it is NOT legal to target salmon there.
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thanks for the info, i lost my regs so i was just counting on the river to be open.......oh well. while the chums are open i might incidentally catch a few coho while im at it (they will all be released happily of course). with such a good anticipated run of chums, it will be worth my while to pursuit them on the stilly. do you know the regs on the skagit this year? if that too i closed for coho, well then i geuss im SOL and ill just keep at em in he salt!! Thanks for the info!!


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The Skagit is open for all species of salmon except chinook from September 1st to December 31st up to the mouth of the Cascade River. Two salmon over 12" may be kept but all chinook must be released. You can get copies of the regs free at any location that sells licenses, I usually get a couple and keep one in the car and one at home.


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The Wallace is fun for silvers. It's a small enough stream that I like to fish a 5 wt. with a clear intermediate line. Lots of times you can sight-fish to the salmon that are moving through the shallower stretches. Just watch out for any kings that are still hanging around. They can be a problem if you hook them on a light rod. In fact, you're best off to break them off rather than tire the fish out trying to land it.