Anyone fishing North (East) Sound Cutthroats?

I heard talk that sea run cutthroat are out of the Snohomish River and river systems to its North. Has anyone been down to the beaches in those locales chasing SRC within the past week or so?

Seems like it is getting light enough in the morning to hit the beaches for an hour or two before having to make it into work!
i hit up a local beach a week ago, west of tulalip, and came up empty. its about that time though. when the tides are right again i will give it another try.
Thanks mike; I will be just south of there tomorrow in the early am to fish the outgoing tide. I'll let you know later how it went on this thread.

Its alway nice to be on the salt at first light; maybe I'll even hook up with a searun.


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For whatever reason never had or heard of good fishing around Richmond Beach. But don't hold me to it.
Nobody fishes Richmond Beach. I live close by and have fished it a bit but never have I had to share the beach. The park is great and has good facilities. It opens at dawn instead of 7:00 AM at Picnic Point. The problem is it is not on a point so it's not given much credit.

In the fall it has its share of silvers. There is a small kelp bet off the one small point. Again it is not fished much and perhaps deserves more credit.
Picnic Pt report for 5/7/05

I fished PP beach (South of Mukilteo) Saturday morning from 7 am to 10:30. I had the beach to myself during that time, until the sun came out later and strollers appeared, which is when I left.

I used an assortment of bait fish patterns on a 6 wgt type III sink tip and caught nothing on an out going tide. Put on a small 'clouser-like' pattern, about an inch long, chartreuse over white with small bead eyes, slowed the strip, and caught a number of smaller perch, and got two hard hits, the second of which stayed on and made two good head shaking runs, stripping out line each time, before popping off; never did see what it was. That felt good enough to keep me there for another hour and a one-half.

I saw some smaller looking fish, could have been juvenile silvers, periodically jumping in a rip about 130 ft out off the point. Even with a serious low tide they never got close to the beach to toss to.

Also saw small fish in groups of 3-5, that looked to be about 4 inches long, with a trout-like shape and a prominent square tail, green top with silver sides. Anyone have a guess what these might have been?


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They could have been silver smolts. I usually see a lot of silver smolts travelling along the beach in small groups at this time of year. If not silver smolts, then surf smelt are another option. However, smelt have forked tails, not square like you said you saw.