16lb rainbow..

From the pictures I have seen up here of 14lb rainbows being held in one hand that must actually be a 50-60 lb rainbow by some of the fishermen around here.
Are you kidding, that fish could pitch on the M's right now. Look at David Wells. Wells is about the same size as that fish, girth wise.
Jim, we are going through a hard time now and we need fan support, not criticism or should I say scorn. Buck up. Hang in there. I see us in the series as soon as they outlaw teams like N.Y. spending so much money. In fact, when I look at their roster, I have to ask myself, "What are we, a farm team for the Yankees?"

Notice how the tail is chewed up on that rainbow. That's the trouble with living so close together in a concrete tank--people are always on your butt.

Bob, the Stay off my butt, please. :p

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Well I really don't think that they are getting their losses out of the way. What they are doing is seeing how many they can get before the really get a good manager. But what they need to do is update their pitching staff. They suck. But enough about those losers.

Hey Bob, quit picking on the little kids fish. I bet when you were that age you didn't care what that fish looked like except that it was a big one.

Jim..... I can pick on BOBL because I'm older and wiser. :thumb:


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Melvin's team over in the other league is doing quite well after shedding some payroll and getting some guys on board that really want to play rather than stroke their reputations. The manager doesn't give up clutch hits, drop easy grounders, have a .195 BA, blow saves, give up 5 runs in the first inning etc,etc.
These guys would be hapless under Connie Mack, Casey Stengel,Walter Alston, Joe Torre, Bobby Cox-even Attila-the-Hun. Moyer should be rocking his grandkids in a big recliner, Boonie still can't see and is still trying to hit every pitch into the next county so he can do his prissy little bat flip, Meche and Sele are just drones out there going through the motions and Pinero has the confidence of a three time loser. They have a couple of good position players but you need about 7 good position players to go anywhere. Good fielding will only take you so far but at some time you have to hit and drive guys in.
Actually the season has been good so far inasmuch as I am watching tv far less often in the evening and getting in more fishing as a result. Hatches at sundown or the M's blowing a lead in the late innings? The fishing has been much more rewarding. Ive
poor kid, he can't even shove it out toward the camera to make it look bigger. no matter how or where he caught it that's quite a handful for a little guy!