How to tie a pheasant rump

I was trying to tie a pheasant rump fly as described in a book by Dave Hughes, and I just can't figure it out! It calls for a marrabou tail, and pheasant rump aftershaft. From the picture of the completed fly It looks like the end with the longer fibers are tied in at the rear, then wound forward. The problem I run into is the stem of the feather being incredibly thick as you work your way forward, it looks like crap by the time I'm done with it!! Is there another pheasant rump aftershaft I should know about, or am I supposed to do something different? I was just thinking that maybe I shouldn't myself so far down the stem, and instead tie it off then tie in antoher, and keep that up until I reach the head. Any clues what I'm even talking about?

On a positive note, I was expieramenting with tying a carey special and came up with an interesting pattern which resembles a cross between a bead head carey special and a pheasant rump. Using a size 8 to 10 hook with a bead head, tie in the tail by pinching the fibers of a pheasant rump while still on the stem. Wind the rest forward, you should have a little of the hackle fibers left for your first couple winds which will make a slender body; as you continue the aftershaft fibers will flare out as on the pheasant rump pattern. Before the stem gets to thick tie it off. Tie in another pheasant rump feather as you would with a carey, wind the hackle around then tie it off. Hope that makes sense. It looks like it would make a good dragonfly nymph. If I get the time I will post a picture tomorrow.



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An aftershaft feather is just that - a separate smaller feather (usually grey in color) that is like marabou in texture and has an extremely fine stem. It is located behind the base of the normal rump feather and usually attached at the base of the heavy stem of the normal rump feather.

I was wondering about those, the problem I don't like is how short they are. And by the picture the pattern is bushier at the rear, then tapers kinda short at the head. Do I use the Longer pheasant rump fibers in front of the tail, tie that off, then tie in the aftershaft?


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I really don't have and answer to your question but as far as the aftershaft feather goes P. Rowley in his book on lake fishing puts them into a dubbing loop and spins it tight that way you can get it as long as you like.


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If you could tell me the book and page reference for the pattern you are talking about I could give you a much more knowledgable answer.

Here are a couple pictures of the fly I tied which somewhat resembles a Pheasant Rump. The only difference is after I tie in the tail I begin winding the feather forward, if there's enough of the hackle left it creates a slender body as shown in one of the pictures. After I tie off the body I tie in some more hackle and wind it up to the bead head. These were the only two I tied before going fishing a couple weekends ago. I lost them both after bringing to hand 5 hungry fish!