Hansville area suggestions


A fly fisherman walks into a bar...
I will be staying at a beach house in Hansville for Memorial Day weekend. Looking for suggestions on my first saltwater fly fishing adventure. House is on the Hood Canal Side just above the marina in the photo out on the small point on the North end of the bay.

Hood canal to the east and the main sound accross from Whidbey on the West. Any decent fishing areas visible from the photo? Any other suggestions would be appreciated!


Check the Regs, and check the tides. Point No Point (east side) and Twin Spits (Hood Canal side) have good beach access, good tidal movement, and ocaisionally some fish...Lots more people will be at PNP even on a cloudy day. If its sunny and warm, it will be a zoo. Twin Spits will be much quieter. Did I mention to check the Regs?

Well, you are certainly in the right neck of the woods. If you are familiar to the area, Twin Spits and Eglon beach can be good spots for SRC. If you have a boat, the shoreline north of the Port Gamble bay. Target beds of eel grass with small thin baitfish imitations or poppers.

Another option that would be your very best bet would be to book a guided day with Bob Triggs to target SRC. I believe he does trips around Port Townsend though I don't know his availability.

Good Luck,