Dilema: what to tie...

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
OK. Here's the scoop. I am sitting at my vise, and for the life of me I can't thik of what to tie. I think I have most of what I would need for now, and I really have nothing I need too badly right now...
But I want to tie something!
What would you do?
#6 Wally's P-Bugger

Hook: 3XL streamer
weight: non-toxic lead wire ssubstitute
bead: black or gold tungsten
thread: black or brown 6/0
tail: brown dyed grizzly chickabou
body: gray dubbing
rib: copper wire
hackle: 3-4 ringneck pheasant shoulder hackles (the brown, white, and tan barred ones)

Tim Cottage

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First and foremost this belongs in either the Patterns or the Flytying forum. Lets not create more work for our moderators than necessary.

Get creative. Just start looking through your feathers and furs and make something up. Pull out a few things that might look good together. Start simple and build on it, trying different variations on a theme. Use things that you don't normaly reach for and see what happens, you might surprise yourself. Try to forget about wether or not a fish will like it and please yourself.


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Look through all your pattern site links, books, magazines, directories on your hard drive and find something new and different that you've never done before. For something really different, try some old school duck quill wing wet flies. They're pretty, and most younger tiers have probably never tied em' or even fished with one.


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OK Zen,
I am 36 years old been fly fishin 20... Did you really tie those? If you did, now I feel totally inadequate bawling:

It is good that there is hope for the youth of tomorrow! Well done sir!


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Sit down and tie up something simple. Like an Elk Hair Caddis. Streams are opening up soon and only god knows that you will need an over abundance of them. Well at least maybe some Stimulators also.

Jim.... Just a simple one who knows allmost nothing about tying flies.

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Yeah, sorry about putting this in the wrong forum. I meant to put it in the other but forgot to when I hit the new thread button...oops.

DAng Zen, those are sweet. I dont think I would want to fish them.

I guess its time to get creative.... Thanks - T


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A crackleback. It's pretty easy and will teach you to palmer hackle on something smaller than a woolly bugger and larger than a griffith gnat. Plus, it'll stand in for a PMD or Yellow Sally in a pinch--if you use yellow dubbing for the body and use ginger or white hackle. Otherwise, the usual brown hackle and olive body is the normal configuration. And don't forget the two strips of peacock herl laid over the top/back of the fly before palmering the hackle. Steps: dub body, lay on herl, palmer hackle, whip finish.

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Heck No! i have better things to do than sit at the vise 20 min per fly. The first fly was tied by Ingolf Augustin, of germany. Its actuall just a simple braid, which is do-able, but the secound fly, by the french master Jean-Paul Dessaigne is leaps and bounds ahead of where im at right now with my tying. Check out his webpage for some truely amazing flies. Its in french but the pics are all you really need.


edit: here is a link regarding how to tie that nymph- http://perso.wanadoo.fr/montagedesmouches/Lesnymphes/nympherealiste/realiste1.htm

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Yeah,Zen, that first one is a woven fly and I can even do that. They look like they are hard to tie but are really simple. The second is a weave also but with a few more things thrown in. Something I don't care to try.