Pulling up roots


...has several mistresses.
Well gang, fella's, Ladies and fellow anglers, XstreamAnglers has done it, after years of becoming very familiar with I-90 between Seattle and Montana, Xstream has sold the house, the cars, the record player and even the nice clothes! We are re-locating our operation in Western Montana....Don't worry Chris, Missoula, not Hamilton! So.....Keep your eye out there next time ya'll come around, my heart lies with Washington Fly Anglers, My love lies with Montana and Inland NW trout! All of you WA Fly anglers are ALWAYS welcome, swing in, have a place to stay, etc etc as we are taking up a few acres! So, keep me proud of WA. so I can brag to Inland folk about our 20 pound sea-run rainbow trout!

Fish on!
Scot K