Alaska box

So I'm headed out to Alaska tomorrow for a 5 day weekend. My dad recently moved up to Anchorage and I'm gonna make sure he's settling in ok. :thumb: I tied him up a box as an early father's gift. He's from Colorado and just bought his first rod over a 6 weight. I figured I would give him a jump start on a few flies as he doesn't tie. A grunch of egg and/or flesh patterns in different shapes, sizes and colors, a couple articulated egg-sucking leeches, one regular ESL, a couple chernobyl ants, a couple wooley buggers, four various shrimp imitations, two sculpin imitations, and a floating articulated mouse for good measure. I still have 24 hours til my flight. If anyone has any suggestions on other patterns that I ought to have, I'd love to hear.



No new pattern suggestions really, but maybe a couple or three different colors.

Maybe add some apricot or amberish colored egg patterns. At times the apricot far outperforms anything bright orange or pink. Of course, if your dad buys a few beads and a box of toothpicks....then, well at least it was fun tying those glow-bugs anyway. :beathead:

Those'll work great. Maybe add the tradional Purple ESL for s&g...looks like yours were all black. I like mine with purple Ice Chenille on the body.

Finally, maybe some chartreuse/green streamers or leaches for those fat Silvers.

Have fun, wish I was going.
Right on, thanks for the tips. There are actually 5 different colors (2 different oranges) in the glow bugs but you are right, they all look bright orange in that light. Apricot, check... I'll grab that color next time I go yarn looking.

I am bringing two other boxes of my flies and have leeches in all manner of sizes and colors. I'll add some purple and green ones for him.

Glo bugs were just the easiest egg imitations to do. I have 4 veiled eggs in there too, but they take like 2 minutes vice 30 seconds. :beer2:

The popsicle type patterns (well, palmered maribou anyways, not correct popsicle tricolor) are the ones one the bottom left of the right hand side of the box. They don't look big and poofy ( :ray1: thats a technical term) because they have a piece of soda straw slipped over them. They take up less room that way. Thank you for the suggestion.
I think I would be lost on a river without the Copenhagen pattern. I'm a (loser) smoker and Cope doesn't smell up my hands as bad.
Trevor said:
they have a piece of soda straw slipped over them. They take up less room that way.
Soda straw ehh?!!! :beathead: :beathead: How come I never thought of that!! Brilliant idea which I will employ forthwith. :thumb:

I was wondering why they looked like a half-finished tube fly.

BTW-way to take care of pops! I'm sure he'll love the fly box & he'll catch plenty of fish on everything in there regardless of if you take our suggestions or not. Don't go sitting up all night tying new flies & forget to pack enough undies...or worse yet, a reel or something.