Pontoon Boat Ceiling Storage


Scott Willison
I'm looking for a way to suspend my pontoon boat from the garage ceiling by way of a pulley system. I searched previous threads and found a detailed posting on the subject, but the problem is, I'm a highly visual learner. Show me a picture of something and I can figure it out. Describe it to me and I'm lost. Does anyone have any pictures of their own system for suspending their pontoon boat from the ceilin? Would you be willing to share your insights?


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Sorry I can't send pictures but it is just so simple to hang your boat. Harbor Freight and other places sell a simple 6-pulley block and tackle assembly for under $20. Put an eye bolt in the ceiling and hang it up. Use rope or webbing around the frame of the boat and hook it onto the block and tackle. Pull the rope and it's up there. The only other thing you need is someplace to tie off the rope after the boat is lifted. A couple of small boat cleats on the side wall will do just fine. Ive
Suspending my pontoon boat from the ceiling of my garage using a pulley system is exactly what I've done. Works like a charm! I see you're from Bellingham, so if you want to take a look first hand let me know as I live just down the road in Burlington.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I'll try to get a picture up for you. Not sure how strong you are, but I got away from using the pulleys. Mostly because I'm strong enough to lift my boats up by myself (before anyone says something about when I'm older, my Dad is able to do same thing in his 60's LOL). I simply put those screw in J hooks used for yard tools and hanging bikes on the ceilings. Then simply put my pontoon frame into those. For those frames that were too tall (high oar towers), I simply added a loop of heavy chord so I could put the loop around the frame and hang that into the J loop. I'll get pictures up for you, but I currently (Heaven forbid) don't have any pontoons to hang to show what it looks like. Think I may have a picture though of just my frame hanging though. That'll give you an idea (older picture).

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Take a look at the latest Field and Stream. There is a section on building a pulley operated kayak storage rack that I imagine would work great for a toon. There is a small chance it is in Outdoor Life, but I am too lazy to check. It is in one of them though!
I, too, hang mine from J hooks originally installed for bicycles. A word of caution, however: my South Fork has bladders inside a casing, and the tips of bladder aren't attached. Hanging/lowering one end at a time lets the pontoons hang vertically, at which time the bladders can fold back on themselves inside the casing. That happened one time when I hung it up uninflated -- the next time I pumped it up, BLAM -- a foot long rip in the bladder and a trip to the factory to have it replaced.
Here is my setup. The pulley above the pontoon is a double pully and the one against the wall is a single. Then above the pontoon I have a 2" ring that has 4 short pieces of rope with clips to attach to the pontoon. And to keep the rope tight when pulled up I have a simpe boat cleat screwed into the wall. Works great. I back the car into the garage and drop the pontoon down and off I go.


Scott Willison
Thanks for all the great recommendations you guys. I now have a much better idea of what I need to do to rig this up. Looks like I'll be adding this to my weekend project list.