14lb Madison Brown

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by yuhina, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. yuhina Tropical member

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    My Brother, Utahnhopper (also from this board), caught this massive brown trout from Madison river couple weeks ago. Just thought you might interested in this story. see blog link. Congrats. BG :thumb:
  2. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    and it was caught on a turd, outstanding! what an incredible fish!
  3. easymends 8100XP

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    Make no mistake, Pat's Stone CRUSH.
  4. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Congratulations! A true hog!
  5. Porter Active Member

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    :eek: Wow! nicely done!
  6. Shawnage Shawn Bechtol

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    that thing is obese! damn!
  7. Connor Parrish Member

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    Damn! thats an amazingly fat fish!
  8. Jeff Member

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    Wow... that's an amazing fish! Holy shit. :thumb:

  9. herl Member

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    I like how you can tell that he went for a swim landing that thing :) -It must have been chaos. ..awesome!
  10. Bryan Williamson Willybethere

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    Holy Crap...didn't know that river had fish that big in it anymore.
  11. Jase Member

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    Ginormous...can you say wall mount!!!!
  12. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    DAMN! What a beast! Congrat's! :beer2:
  13. riseform Active Member

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    Thirty-two and a half inches, holy crap. Pat's Stone shmone, I'm tying sixteen inch streamers. Imagine the meals that thing's had.
  14. Brett Angel Member

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    Awesome fish!
  15. billkendrick831@msn.com Northsounder

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    Awesome! Congradulations.Reminds me of Flyfishing hall of famer Bob Jacklins 30 year quest for a 30 inch brown I read about some time ago,that was on the Madison too.
  16. easymends 8100XP

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    Yeah, and he bonked that one. Still can't believe that.
  17. CoastalCutt Member

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    Totally legal, and the fish didn't have much time left in the river either.
  18. easymends 8100XP

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    Yeah yeah, I know the rules but he had it on film. Let the fish go.
  19. Nate Dutton I'm a teacher, I fish to eat!

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    :ray1:I would like to bring to light the fact that the title of the article is misleading....it says "14lb Madison Brown" and clearly the article says the fish was 13.9lbs:ray1:.....hmm something fishy going on here:rofl::rofl: Just joking...what a fish!! Epic i believe is the term coined by my generation.. EPIC!
  20. tythetier Fish Slayer

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    Crap ohhh dear!!! That is a slab!! I think I would still be shaking.