14lb Madison Brown

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  1. The only thing to do next is to catch one bigger! The world record brown trout was caught in the midwest on the little red river in Arkansas. Rip Collins caught a brown that tipped the scales at 40lbs 4 oz in 92'. Missouri's state record was set in 2005 at 27lbs 8.8oz. That brown was caught at Lake Taneycomo. Its a weird fishery, i consider it a river but who knows. its a channel between two lakes which is controlled by the release of water by the dam on lake taneycomo. Its a bottom fed dam which is released normally in the evenings so all the nocturnal browns come out to feed at night. Needless to say, big nasty streamers pay off in the evenings.
  2. The amazing thing is that it appears to be bright day. I've seen some very big browns from MT waters but the real pigs are almost always caught in the very early morning hours. Nice!
  3. :thumb:I hope you washed your hands after handling that toad. You could get warts!!!
  4. If that hog doesn't fascinate you then what does? Biggest brown I ever caught was all of about four pounds and it's still exciting 3 years later when I think about it. And yes, I released it.

    Great fish!:thumb:

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