clearwater river, mt and seeley lakes

anybody know anything about this river and/or the lakes??? thinking about a western mt. run in a couple weeks, and this area looked kind of interesting. lists brown, raindow, cutt's and brookies in the river and trout plus some basss and pike in the lakes. any input is greatly appreciated.
Hey Chevy, pull up the search engine on this site for any of the lakes or rivers you have in mind, the more specific the better, and you'll get a whole host of thoughts from people that have fished them over the last couple of years. I am headed to the clearwater forks, st joe, area and there is a ton of stuff for the area.
Have a great trip!
It's been a long time, but I can tell you that with the Mission Mountains framing the scenery, this is one of the more beautiful areas in the Rockies. Keep an eye peeled for the occasional griz.
Lots of things to do there. Clearwater river is beautiful, good fishing for a little of everything. Big Bulls. Most of the big lakes have pike, some trout. Lots of "hidden" lakes with trout. All the cricks have some sort of trout. Also tourist stuff for wife/family. A great place to explore. The fly shops in Missoula could probably give you more specific info. Other areas have better fishing, but the overall experience is hard to beat. Close enough to "cities" that right on main road can get a little crowded during peak times, but LOTS of water around.