Wodinvile/Bothell area

I'm 13 ,and I learned how to fly fish a year ago ,and I'm crazy about it.I would like to know beginner friendly place I can fly fish within a 30 minutes of the Wodinvile/Bothell area???? Thanks :THUMBSUP
Most of the creeks in this area are closed due to salmon/steelhead habitat rehabilition. There are a few lakes if you have access to a boat, such as cottage lake.

Hey there,
I grew up in the same area and fished alot of the little creeks around. As Gary said, you're not allowed to fish them as alot of the fish in there are young steelhead, coho's and maybe a few chinook? Check out some of the lakes as there are some good lakes that people fish for spinyrays that sometimes get overlooked for the resident cutthroat populations. I also used to do tons of flyfishing for bass and bluegills in the ponds near Park Ridge Chapel inbetween Maltby and Bothell. I could ride my bike there in about 10 minutes.

There's a few other waters but they've since been posted no trespassing. I'd actually kill to get in to one of them again but I haven't had any luck finding access to it.

Thanks!!!:LOVEIT Do you think there is still a few of those ponds open for the public or well I have to ask for permison? Is there any small trout streams that would be open in any part even for trout? If there is what? Isn't it true you can catch bass in the lilly pads on the other side of Cottage lake? I do have float tube I got for Christmas. What are that names of those Cuttthoroat lakes your talking about and ,where are they? Lots of questions! Thanks Jack, please respond!!!
Hi Jack, I live about 2 minutes from park ridge chapel now, and also fished the ponds behind, but the church filled in most of them, which is now a ball field, There might be a little bit left but not much. I also grew up in the Bothell Kenmore area.

Hi there, There is a stream that runs along 35th and it has some area's that open up to small ponds, right behind the park ridge chapel which is on the corner off maltbe rd. and 35th SE on the hill up behind thrashers corner, there are a couple spots that you can try to get in if you go north on 35th where there is just tall grass, but there are some really nice ones across from pacific top soils, but they are all posted and there is Thomas lake there also but it is posted, Good luck All I have ever caught in there is bass and blue gill, but they are fun.

I have not fished the one behind park ridge chapel since they filled so much of it in, I have walked back there, and there is still some of it there, but I used to take a boat back there I don't think you could now, but I am not sure, DO NOT TAKE A FLOAT TUBE! There are sticks in the water and barbed wire etc. that would be very dangerous for a tube.

Gary, Do you think theres still fish there, should I just wade? What size fly? Wouldn't some bass or panfish flies work too? Do you know anything about those cutthoart lakes Jack was talking about? :LOVEIT
you're so full of questions, you're going to burst! :EEK

But it's good, I admire your passion.
The Park Ridge ponds are still there, as Gary said but they are a bit tough to access. I have carried a canoe in there with a friend but access is bushy. I have also flyfished it a few times. I only used little panfish poppers in green, yellow, white, red...whatever I had laying around. There were quite a few bass still in there when I fished it last (about 3-4 years ago). I think I caught a couple bluegills as well.

In the days before I made the switch to the fly almost exclusively (I still dabble in the hardware methods about once a year), I fished it with rooster tails and mepps spinners and Rapala floating minnows. There are more things to snag on in those ponds than any other water I've ever fished! I AGREE WITH GARY, DON'T BRING A FLOAT TUBE IN THERE OR YOU WON'T BE COMING OUT AGAIN. It would be a serious safety issue because it's really brushy and swimming to shore might not be possible in spots.

Access to Thomas lake and the ponds is officially closed as far as I know. I've never attempted to gain access but would like to. I just spend too much time in the mountains now and I'm off in Wales doing a Master's project right now so it's a bit far!

If you figure it out, let me know! The ponds have the typical lowland unmanaged western washington species: bass, perch, crappie and a few coastal cutts here and there. The lake probably has the same as they're only separated by about 50-60' of boggy peatland. But I've only caught bass and cutts in the lake. Pacific Topsoil, if I remember correctly, is across the street (west side of road) and they've got some ponds on their land but i've never touched those...just the ones on the Thomas lake side.