Swap AA (Anything Anadromous) Swap

The Summerrun flies go out tomorrow, so it's time for another swap. This one will be small (6 tyers, including you friendly neighborhood swapmeister), 3 weeks from the day the swap fills up.

Any style fly is fine as long as it is used to fish anadromous salmonids or char: steelhead, Atlantic or Pacific salmon, searun cutts, dollies, brookies, (yep, the Canadian maritimes, New England and Long Island have them) or browns (Patagonia!).

The swapmeister reserves the right to deny particpation to people who have not played nicely with others in past swaps.

Right now we're at two out of six:

StuFarnham (swapmeister)
Hywel (unconfirmed -- he asked me to hold a slot for him in my next slot).

Who wants to play?

Sorry for getting the swap thread so off topic.. but... whats that saying.

"I'm not an Alchoholic... I'm a drunk.... Alchololics go to meetings. :rofl:
OK, we have our 6!!!

The swap is full!!! :beer2:

Scott Behn
Mike Doughty

Here are the rules:

Tie 6 of your chosen pattern of any style for anadromous fish. Get the results in the mail to me by Tuesday, July 12, along with toe tags and a SASE (or payment for postage). I'll send my snail mail address via email.

I'll photograph the swap flies and post the photos on my website. If you send me your pattern recipe in machine-readable form (i.e., via email) I'll post your recipe with your pattern.

If something comes up and you have to drop out or are going to be late, please be courteous to the other swappers and shoot me an email.

Gentlemen, start your bobbins!!!