How do I get (ship) my raft to Alaska?

Call me dumb, but I am wondering what the best way to get a 16' cataraft with a break-down frame to Alaska for a do-it-yourself float and fish. I am in the earliest stages of planning a trip, but I figure I better learn how to best get the boat up there.

Are there places that will "hold" my boat for me once it gets to Anchorage?

I looked and UPS will do it but it will run me over $500 bucks. Any other solutions such as freight companies, airlines, etc?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Look up and call some of the local shippers (I mean actual boats) I was talking to a buddy that mentioned regular ship service to Anchorage-and they'll do a car for $800, so that raft would probably go for a lot less than that. . .

Of course, I can't remember the name of the company-but maybe this helps a bit in terms of where to look.
There is a Northland barge leaving Seattle July 15th to Anchorage. Im not sure how much it would be, but definately not 500 dollars. Their number is 800 426 3113. When and where are you going?

Scott Salzer

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Try Alaska Marine Lines, on West Marginal Way. I ship equipment parts through them to different points in AK. I would just make sure that it is well packed.
You could also look at Southern Alaska Forwarding. Their number in Kodiak is 907-486-8501. Or Alaska Transfer and Storage at 907-486-5354. These are both just their Kodiak offices, but they do work all over the southern part of the state. Alaska Air cargo would be another good idea, but I don't know what they can do for you for storage.

Shipping stuff up there in bulk and having it held are very common occurances, so you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding someone to do it for you. Though it may cost a little bit.