Lake Lenore

Hello everyone,

I had a little time to kill after a Wedding in Ephrata last weekend, so I grabbed my gear and dashed for good old Lake Lenore. I got there at about 4:30 PM, the sun was just starting to set on the cliffs and it was a nice 80 degrees outside without a stich of wind.

I waded out a little bit and started fishing a red #10 midge with about 5 feet of leader on a strike indicator. In summary, I didn't catch anything, nor did I even get a bump. In fact, after about two hours of wading and fishing, I didn't even see anything come to the surface despite the large concentration of bugs on the water. Could be too hot outside, maybe spawning season???

Oh well, it was nice to get in a little casting practice :thumb:

You didn' say which end of the lake you fished. Mid day to afternoon can be tough. Early morning in the shallows can be good with leeches or mayfly nymphs. Fished it last Thursday am. Wind was ugly, stirring up slime and weeds but managed two over 25".
Well it wasn't spawning season; that is in March and April (maybe Feb too), which is when everyone fishes it and there are fish all over the shallows. I'm guessing it was too hot out and the fish were hanging out down deeper.
Next time you go, take your float tube and try the south end. There are several weed beds out in the deeper water and fish hold over those most of the time. The island also offer decent deep water fishing during the warm months.