My first steelhead!

Hooked and landed my first steelhead last night on the Stilly. What a rush! It was a nice hatchery fish in th 7-8lb range, I would guess. It took a #6 Signal Light in a 5' deep tail out at about 7:30pm.

I'm a trout fisherman born and bred in the Northeast, transplanted via employment, trying to learn the complexities of Northwest flyfishing. Very satisfying to finally succeed. I think I may be hooked!


The place you parked was Hazel. Sounds like you may have walked up to the slide? Anyway, I was just curious if it was high or low on the river. The water's getting pretty skinny up there. Nice job.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I might be old---but I'm good.

It's been a few years since I've been up there,but is the big hole on the corner still there.

Yes, the shallow water made the fight extra cool (for me). Can you describe the slide you are speaking of? I remember two huge log jams (they were on the right walking up and well above the water line) and I think I was just above the second one, in a nice little tail out.
You would have been at the slide if you walked another few hundred yards up from the log jams. The water at the slide is fairly slow and deep with some boulders. There is a way to park up the road from Hazel and walk to the slide but I haven't gone that route. I haven't fished the slide since last summer but I know a few have been caught there this year. I'm up in that vicinity a lot.