Sfr: Trailsfest 2005

July 16, at Rattlesnake Lake

The Great Outdoors of Washington is calling you! And on Saturday, July 16th you can try out as many outdoor activities as you can fit into one day. The day is called TrailsFest and it is sponsored by the Washington Trails Association. Every year the Washington Trails Association brings together outdoor gear manufacturers, trail guides, pack animal experts, environmental organizations and professionals for a day of outdoor exploration.

Why not join in on the fun at Washington Trout’s “Fashion a Fish” booth! The WT crew will be at TrailsFest teaching children all about wild fish, their habitats and the dangers they face trying to return home. The best part of the booth will be a chance for every child to create their very own “salmon hat” made popular by students participating in the Environmental Discovery Program.

DATE: Saturday, July 16th
TIME: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
LOCATION: Rattlesnake Lake, North Bend (Map)

For more information on the day's events click here!

If you have a spare hour or two we would love to have you volunteer at WT’s booth. This is a great opportunity to hang out with other conservation enthusiasts and pass along information on the importance of healthy wild fish to children and their families. We are looking for energetic and friendly volunteers to cycle through the day so that everyone has a chance to join in on the rest of the festival’s activities (there is even a booth were you can trade in old socks for a new pair of Thorlos!). If you are interested in signing up or have any questions please email WT Public-Outreach Coordinator Kristen Durance or call the office at 425-788-1167.