Temple Fork Spey Rods

I am very seriously looking in TFO's spey series. They are priced right ($250), being a struggling engineering student, money is an issue. I would like to spend no more than $275 on the rod. I am debating whether or not I want to get a 14' 8 wt or a 12' 6" 8wt. I am going to school at MSU in Bozeman, so this would be primarily an Idaho steelhead rod(Clearwater and Salmon), and possibly a Yellowstone River experimental rod. I have only dry casted a spey, so I am not sure of what length rod I should get.
Any opinions?

I own quite a few TFOs already and am quite pleased, but if there are any affordable speys made by other manufacturers please let me know.

I'm a fan of the TFO two handed rods, going on my limited experience. I bought a 6 wgt two hander from a shop in Idaho for a very reasonable price for rod, reel and line. It is a great casting rod that I use for sea run cutts and summer steelhead. When my wife decided she wanted to get into the two handers I bought her a 6 wgt Elkhorn rod and Elkhorn T-4 reel. The Elkhorn is every bit as good a casting rod as the TFO and the price is about the same.

For an 8 wgt rod, I really like a longer rod so, if it was for me, I'd be getting the 14 footer. Matter of fact, that's what I am getting.

Haven't fished the rivers you mentioned, but come September I'll be on the Selway, Lochsa and American rivers for a little over a week. So maybe I'll make a side trip.

The Clearwater and Salmon are both big rivers, so I'd definitely go for the longer TFO mentioned. (Most spey anglers consider a 14,' 9-weight to be the most useful all-around rod size, although we're fiercely opinionated about this, and larger and smaller rods.) There will be times when you'll wish for one bigger than that. The 14-foot, 9/10 St. Croix is in the same price range, and is an excellent value, with many satisfied owners.

Your most valuable spey asset in western Idaho will be Mike, proprietor of the Red Shed, a spey fly shop in Peck, Idaho, east of Lewiston.
Beat ya to it. I already PM'd him Mikes web site address as that's where I got my TFO. Your right, great shop and Mike is a great guy to work with.

I bought a 12'6"TFO as a backup to my loop. I liked the thing so much that I fished it all winter on the Vedder--great little rod. I am now seriously looking at the 15' to replace my Whiskerfly.
Fly, why did you have to bring this up. Just ordered a new TFO 14 foot 9 wgt from Mike this morning, thanks to your prompting. Unfortunately, it's for the wife. Maybe she'll let me test cast it at least.