North Bend Report, Steelies:0, Trout:many

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
My conscience is making me post this report.

Steelheading on the Snoqualmie -- Three of us tried for a few hours the other morning using GB skunks, purple perils and WBs at plums landing and at the Tokul creek rocks. One strike/lostfly between the three of us. If they are in there we didn't see them. Brent Comer had his fancy Spey Rod. I had dusted off my 9' Fenwick 8wt was trying out a new Type VI sinktip line -- man, that line is HEAVY. Its like flinging a metal chain.

Rattlesnake -- Fished it in the morning from 7-11 about 10 days ago with a couple of friends before work. I caught 6, lost 8. Most were 10-12" and taken on Carey Special or Wooley bugger in the stumps just off the boat launch. The weather started out cold and overcast, but by 9:30 or so the sun came out and the bite really got going. We saw a big Trip guarding a stump and I think I hooked him with a chromie -- or maybe it was the stump because when I set up I lost the fly. I got his friend who was 13". I could have stayed there all day, fishing in shortsleeves & sunglasses but, gotta make a living.

Tree Farm -- Now that I live in Snoq. Ridge I'm fishing the Tree farm a lot. I've been focusing on the two large alpine lakes up there because usually at this time of year the fish go quiet on the lower lakes, though I bet that's not the case this year. Anyway, its still pretty easy to have 20-30 fish days up there.

Here's a sample of one of my fishing recent fishing diary entries.

I fished Lake H**cock this morning for the first time in a couple of years. It was a good morning: I did the "Tree Farm Trifecta" catching Rainbows (3), Cutts (14) and Brook Trout (2) for a total of 19 fish over about 5 hours.

I got on the water about 7am and it was quite cold. I was fishing in actual clouds that were moving through -- visibility was about 75 feet. I circumnavigated the lake, starting away from the houses and only picked up a fish here or there until I got to the far end (the East end?) of the lake. I got into the most fish in the corner of the lake beyond the houses. In between two clouds, the air was mostly still and the fish were happy and I caught about 10 in a half an hour. It was fun fishing because all three types were biting. You could tell you had a brook trout on as soon as you could see it - in H**cock their entire body has a reddish hue.

Most fish were taken on (of course) my carey special about 5' down (on a type IV line), though some were had on a wooley bugger and one rainbow liked a big green buggy thing I got at the Worley Bugger. I think it was a damsel nymph.

The cutts were smallish, mostly 6-10", but the 2 brook trout were 10", fat and fought like hell. The 3 rainbows were eatin-size.

It felt great to send twenty+ fish back to the depths with sore lips. :)

Only one other boat on the water - a rowboat came in just before I left and the weather was clearing up but the bite had stopped.