I Will Never Fish The Cedar again!


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I have a thought guys.

Since most of you are carrying digital cameras, why don't you snap off some shots of faces (particularly underage ones if booze is around), trash, license plates, litterbugs, poachers, bait dunkers, etc. and post them on this site. Also, maybe we can let the print media know about the photos on the website so they may access them and run them in their papers.

Let's put this wonderful communications tool to work for change!

Glad your ok bro! It’s unfortunate you had to encounter genetic reject and his crony but good on you for speaking your mind. I hope you F’d him up! If I fish the Cedar again I’m rolling in numbers or with the number .40 cal.

Hey man if you wanna roll to the Yak and split the gas shoot me a pm. I fished it today near the Cle Elum area and it was alright.
this is a danger every time you hit these rivers(green as well) since they really attract renton's finest(not talking cops).

glad you are ok, the thought of brawling in the water with waders on is scary as hell. what a hazardous disadvantage.

sounds like we need to take back this river. we dont need to stop fishing it, we just need to fish in larger groups.
Now, I've seen guides get in arguments, landowners wave guns, and bait chunkers get pissy, but, I have never heard or read anything like that before. I hope that you are well, and I agree with the other writer about filing a complaint.

Good Luck.
your best weapon is the camera, but when they cross the river with a broken bottle thats when you pull the other one out. you never know how far things will go and you dont want to be the one floating down the river.

real sad it has come to this!!!


the Menehune stole my beer
As the cleanup was winding down and the bbq was being stoked up by Anil and Jason, Bhudda pulled up with his truck absolutely stuffed to the sky with garbage he and his gf pulled from the river and banks......I hate to see someone who worked so hard that day have to put up with anyone abusing the stretch he made pristine for all of us to enjoy again in a natural state.

Bhudda man, that absolutely sucks but you stood your ground and delivered some payback for all of us...... If I was there I would have helped as you were under attack and the game was "on" so to speak.....the really sad thing is right now, as we are reading our computer screens, he is out buzzing on the cheapest malt liquor he could find, breeding a new generation of scum in the backseat of a jacked-up '72 Nova with primered fenders and stolen fuzzy dice handing from the rearview mirror while Foghat blares from the 8 track......................................... :mad:
I guess some of us are venting over this because one of our own was put in a bad situation by those who don't give a rip about the river or the future of the resource...to them it's just another parking lot to destroy. A bit of venting is okay.....the main thing is you are okay and have many thousands of fishing trips in the future. The only thing that matters in life is.....life.
A lot of youthful "machismo" displayed here...don't worry, when you guys hit 45, the testosterone level drops and you can start thinking clearly.

In my younger days, I'd have waited till he turned around and split his ear with the first hand-held object I could find. It's too risky now having kids and being an upstanding citizen and such...

How many of you have signed up for the "Eyes in the Woods" program offered by WDFW?...This program is how you are going to save the Cedar and other fisheries from being inundated by the inbred, toothless meth-heads (Renton is more like Yelm than I thought!)

I am taking the class in Olympia from my buddy George this fall and would encourage all of you to do the same. It will give your reports and calls for assistance a more "Official" status...and I think you get a really cool hat too!

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All of this written about the Cedar just makes me more not wanting to fish it. I went to the cleanup and did not do any because of me. But I have never fished it and will probably never will. Fishing down in that area never appealed to me because of all the people. I just like to get away from all the nuts cases so I spend most of my time up in the hills. The fish might not be the biggest or the best,but there is peace and quiet where I go. And one hell of a big gas bill.


I'm sorry to hear about this. I saw the same trash at C-Post when I was up there last week. Someone had a party around a fire under the bridge and just left all their trash laying around. Really made me angry and sad. I don't understand it. I also fished the Cedar while I was there along Jones Road. Didn't catch any fish, but only ran into one guy - a local old timer fishing a single hook spinner. Told me some tales about winter steelheading did he. That stretch is absolutely spotless and some of the prettiest water I've seen. Maybe it's time to move up stream. Seems like too great a resource to give up on.
Bhudda what section of the river did this occur? I am assuming near down near Renton but I was on the river off of 149th street the night you were there and some days after and didnt see any garbage or any troublemakers.

On a positive note, let's start carrying in garbage bags; when we see trash we can load it up and pack it out when we leave. A 5-10 minute clean-up each trip isn't a big task. There will always be idiots out there that we have to atone for.....
Pontooner said:
Bhudda what section of the river did this occur? I am assuming near down near Renton but I was on the river off of 149th street the night you were there and some days after and didnt see any garbage or any troublemakers.
pontooner, i was between 149th and the golf course, big 3 log jams, i fished it 3 times since sunday ending up in this secton EVERY NIGHT! every night there was a party with beers and bbqs and litterers! each day there was more garbage, i saw maybe a dozen mismatch shoes and flip flops already since sunday with hundreds of more bottles of beer and garbage. it wont stop until the authorities patrol this area to deterr (sp) people from illegal activity there. i hope this isnt getting out of hand with thoughts of violence in our minds, people are crazy and i accept that, i can manage to take into account "the other side of the story" too. at all costs i would prefer to educate then mutilate another human being. i hope everyone enjoys there time on the cedar for the rest of the season, and im sure this was a onetime thing:) i wanna hear reports of big fish again! its behind me... :}--~ bhudda

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Of course we can sympathize; I for one am grateful this did not turn out worse. Much worse. Violence is not a valid solution to these problems. Let's tone down the escalation mentality here and consider what Leland and Dave suggested; legal,practical responsible solutions. If the violent, obscenities etc, rhetoric continues I will close this topic.
kickin ass, you gotta stand up for whats right. Sounds likee fishing with you can be a lot of fun. For anyone who reads this, I had a nice fish on down on lowwer part of the river. Got it on a hares ear with bead head. About 16-18 fat boy, came out of the water a good 1.5 to 2 feet. Then broke off. Was pretty stoked though.