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This is what came out such as it is. Hope it helps Bob out.


Hook; Partridge CS10 #2/0

Black thread of choice

Oval gold and yellow floss for the tag
Crest for the tail and black herl for the butt

Body is black silk with flat gold rib followed by orange cock hackle.

Throat is kingfisher blue dyed hen hackle follwed by peacock breast- tyed back

Wing is mallard strips over Jungle Fowl with cheeks of Kingfisher.

Head; herl

Instructions; not not deviate.

Place hook in vise and wash hands well,and smooth fingers down with your pumice. Pour yourself a well shaken gin martini with a side glass of ,oh? say,10 or 12 nice jumbo green olives. This helps steady the hands.( the gin that is)

Wrap on the gut for your eye.Flattening the ends of the gut for a nice wing tye in point.Tye off and bring thread to rear of hook above barb.Tie in you tag and tail/butt structure. Shake up another martini. Tie in the tinsel and hackle . Wrap a nice smooth black floss body and rib with the hackle/tinsel.At this point you probably need another refreshment before starting the throat and wing... so... hey??? Shake up another cold drink and maybe another dish of olives huh? Tie in the throat and wing the fly, add the cheeks and the herl for the head and finish. Sit back and admire your work for few minutes befroe getingup- this could be a wobly experience do to the overwhelming beauty of your craftsmanship. Make your way to the bar and shake up another drink before returning to apply some lackuer to the head fo the fly. At this point sleep should be possible and you can sleep soundly knowing that something resembling what you were originally trying to dress is safely in your vise finished. Atleast until you see it the next morning. :thumb:


Nicely done, Davy.

The peacock breast is a nice tough, I am a big fan of this material. Usually I see the T&L tied with Euro Jay or blue dyed guinea at the throat. I like yours a lot...


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Thanks alot Stu

yes,the jay is what was originally called for or supposedly- there are many variations of "the original" . The T&L is one of the classics in which there is still argument on the original dressing, especially the wing.Atleast in my readings.

This one is going into Bob Triggs hands.

Tim Cottage

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Nice Davey.
This forum has gotten a bit less interesting with your less frequent creations to view. I mean, I used to be able to get up in the morning, turn on the computer and say "oh boy, I wonder what Davey tied last night".

Need more peacock?



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Hi Tim, thats real generous of you to say my friend, thank you-- hey ? PM your mailing thingy and I will forward this ol fly I tied 40 moons ago for you along to you- it's been in my display and I forgot about sending it to you.

I was on those fishin trips and then finally I my one hip collapsed and they are finally going to start fixing them for me- it is going to be a 7 mos- to a year process with my first of 3 possible surgeries on August 18. I got the right doc just the timing kinda sucks but I will be up and running by the end of Feb for the Sauk and the Yakima Skwalas. In the meantime I think you will find many mornings something new posted by me this coming few months- 'bout all I will be doing is tying.

Maybe in the late fall we can organize a tying gathering somehow. With all the injuries people have been talkin about it might be a disabled angler tying group or something ,LOL