South Sound Silvers

Silvers/cohos are being caught around the peak of high tide off some south sound beaches. Saw several caught within a 15 minute time-frame last eve. Unfortunately, I'd already packed up my gear to play with the kids (family came along) and missed out on the action. Fishing was just deadsville for the hour I actually fished -on the incoming tide. But, somebody flipped the switch right around the highest point of the tide & the water started coming alive. The cohos weren't keeping their presence a secret, so you'll probably be able to tell if they're in or not.
Thanks for the tip!
I have noticed it seems to vary by time of day, weather conditions, and the area. I have been doing extremely well with the silvers, and some very large cutthroat on an incoming tide.
There is a point at which the loose kelp becomes a major problem, however I have noticed that it is at a certain level, and just prior to the kelp level, and right after it seems to disssipate.
Has anyone else noticed that?
It is impossible to fish when that stuff is floating thickly in the current.
I will hang out for the high point of the tide and test your theory.
I have been working the beach near Gig Harbor.
Doc's get too much pressure, so I have been trying other spots, and it's been good!
Yeah, with the pinks coming in, Docs will be getting crazy. I like going there when there's nothing but SRC's to catch. Not too many people care about those.