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  1. I continually read how the 16 gauge is making a come back...personally I've always used mine so it never left...it just has gotten harder over the years to find shells that fit the type of hunting that I intend to do! The 'market' has been myoptic with regard to 12 gauge and has been phasing out the venerable 16 gauge shells, leaving all but a few choices for either waterfowl or upland (80% lead, 10%steel, 10% non toxic).

    Just recently Hevi Shot has introduced "Classic Doubles";which has been manufactured for those who are still using 'old' shotguns that shoot anything less than an RPG round. Last week I did a search for who had the lowest price since I would love to use my Remington 1148 16 ga. Sportsman for ducks without having to use steel...I found the lowest price to be around 27 for a box of 10! Needless to say a week later and all the places that I have come across have SOLD OUT of 16 ga. ammo!!

    I'm not an economist, being an architect I know crap about business, but if at least three huge retailers are out of 16 ga. ammo within a week this would be a good indication that manufacturers should think about bringing back a 'few' load types for 16 ga. and not just 2-3/4" #5 and 6 for non toxic shot...

    Sorry for the rant, but I figured just maybe there would be at least one ammo rep that frequents this site.
  2. I just whittle down my favorite 12 gauge shells.
  3. I think your best bet would be to invest in some reloading equipment. Your cost savings per shell would pay for the equipment in short order (if you shoot a lot).

    Did you try Cabela's in Lacey? They would at least order your ammo for you if they don't have it in stock at the best price.
  4. iagree

    Roll your own. Or find someone who does and buy the components and give them some CR for their trouble.
  5. Shooting sub-gauges .410-16g-20g are expensive. As others suggested, you should consider getting into reloading.

    Another option you might have is to join a shooting club and strike a deal with others that reload your gauge.

    Years back I sold my lower gauge shotguns and just stuck to 12g. I reload so recoil with a 7/8 oz load is next to nil. Plus having the versatility of different payloads is a plus and cost saving.
  6. Andrew, Andrew, Andrew....go south young man. To Alger that is, to Kesselrings. I have purchased Kent Tungsten Matrix there just last year. Yeah, it's pricey, but you shouldn't have to shoot that much to get your limit, right? :thumb:

    The other option is to load your own, but using no-tox is still expensive, period. You might see $.75 to $1.00 savings per shell.

    I do happen to have a 16ga MEC reloader...maybe we could split the cost for some no-tox shot and I'll load up some rounds...I already load lead for upland birds.

    Lemme know...
  7. Roper...that sounds like a fine idea! I just hit the range this past weekend...needed to chill the hunting bug...busted 20-25 on the first round, and then had to scoot to get home for a wedding...where was I going with this...oh yeah...the box I used was an old box of 8's and it cost me 3.75 at Sportmart! Same box today I'm lucky if I can get out of there for 9!

    Do you shoot 12 as well? I have an oops order of 12 ga. hevi shot 5's...a case to be exact that Cabelas and I split the difference on...so half price. I'd be willing to trade for 16 ga. in some #2 or #1 shot for ducks?

    Needless to say I'll bite on the "share the cost of reloading"...I've thought about it, but I'd probably see my "last days" if I picked up yet another facet of hunting...it would be my wife dawning the wife beater!

    Let me know, seriously.
  8. I'm fairly certain that 20 gauge is cheaper than 12. 12 gauge and 16 gauge are about the same price. It's when you get into 28 and .410 when things get spendy. Plus, if you hunt upland game, especially chuckers, why would you want to carry less shells that weigh more, coupled with a heavier gun--in terms of comparing a 12 to a 16 or 20 gauge?
  9. yeah...I tend to agree...it seems that 20 ga. is just as popular as 12 with regard to shell load types. But what is even more weird is that 16 ga is viewed as even more exotic than 28 or 410...ok maybe 28 is stretching it, but still!

    As for weight...there is not much more there between a 16 and a 20, and if the ballistic nerds are correct...the 16 has a better patterning and shot cone than either a 12 or 20. But then again...it's hard not to be partial when one of your 16 ga. guns was handed down to you by your grandfather...and it is the first gun you took hunting, and killed your first goose with.:hmmm: Actually I wish I had the little single shot 20 that I learned to shoot with...that was actually handed down to my father from his grandfather...but like me I'll never give that gun away!
  10. I'd love to have a nice side by in 16 ga. There's alot to be said about the ballistics of the 16ga. Although it's not so popular over here, in Europe it's ubiquitous and those boys have been shooting scatter guns a little bit longer than we have. The 16 loaded to its optimal performance also happens to be a square load, which in and of itself is optimal in shotguns.
  11. What do you mean by a "square load"?

    I purchased a 16 ga. o/u Stoeger Condor...which has been a love - hate - love relationship. But after a year and a 'few' rounds I'm happy. They make a side by side for under 4 bills I believe, but you are not getting a "silver pigeon" or anything remotely close.

    I had to send mine in two days after I got it to get the trigger adjusted.
  12. A square load is a shot column that is as tall as the gauge is wide, the pattern the best and tend to put the most pellets on the bird, so the theory goes. For a 16 gauge, one ounce is right in the wheelhouse, as it were. Pretty common factory load. A bit of research will find you more than you want to know about the wonderment of the sweet 16 and all its virtues.
  13. I've fondled the Stoeger...I'll hold out for a Spanish gun. I've got the Silver Pigeon covered.
  14. The only shells I can ever find for my A-5 are Remington 6's in lead, they're usually cheap but, I can't hunt most anything with just that round.

    I feel your pain!

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