fly fishing the salt

To start with this is the best fishing website for helping for fisherman.
I have limited experinece with flyfishing and I have never fly fished in the salt. I live in Des moines and would like to give it a try. What are some good locations to start and what kind of flies would I use.


Matt Burke

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First, use an online map site (mapquest, google, whatever) and find all the county and state parks near you on the Sound. Go back through “In the salt” and read all the posts and cross reference names. Look for points jutting out or streams coming in. Next, go to these beaches and see if there is anybody fishing them. Big crowds tossing lures or flies mean that there are fish. 6wt rod with just a floating line will work. Check out the flies at and your good. For more detail, buy, borrow or check out books from Les Johnson or Steve Raymond on fly fishing the salt. Then just put in the time on the water.
iagree Paul, in a nutshell, Matt succinctly said it all. It is not enough just to find a location: the fish move around a lot, and you should start learning tides, time of day, species preferences to flies, stripping action, etc. The authors cited by Matt literally, 'wrote the book' on it for this area, and will immensely help you get a firm handle on the variables.

Hit the beach during this month and next, watch the fly fishermen, notice the tide conditions and time of day, and ask questions of those actually doing it. By the end of September, you'll be showing newcomers how its all done. :ray1: