P Point this AM

Matt Burke

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GEEZUS, I CAN'T BELIEVED YOU BLABBED. Now everyone is headed to point no point. I hope the mucus lining of your urethra breaks down.

Just kidding papa. It was very cool seeing you guys out there. Always nice putting a face to a name. Low tide rocks, 10 yesterday, 11 today and tomorrow is at noon. Bright sunshine, bathing suits and fishing. Good times.


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Sorry Matt didn't mean to give it away, just could not help myself. But I think anyone who wants to try for pinks in the salt should head for Point No Point right now! :thumb:


Matt Burke

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By the number of boats out there now, I don't think it matters what beach you go to. Also, if you will notice nobody has said anything about Lincoln or Shilshole for the last couple days. A sure sign they're hitting when nobody is posting. I mean lets look at this. Tons of reports about salad and frustration and then suddenly... it gets very quiet on the board. Too funny.


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Matt I hit purple porpoise point in Thurs, didn't get SQUAT and I was there at the turn from low to high....saw tons jumping but I can't cast 250 yards. Cleaned a salad bar from my fly every cast..no fish.....see, people still are posting about a fishless day! ;)

gotta get me some 'o 'dat.................... :)

Old Man

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Maybe you ought to try some Buzz Bombs. With a casting rod and reel you should be able to get out that far with some 6lb test line. :p :p :p :p