Changed map server to google maps

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Stupid question time. I clicked on said map and all I got was a Satillite(sp) image or a map of a very big area. How do you or can you zoom in on an area? I did what it said to but it didn't do anything. Or is this just a start of things to come?


Chris Scoones

Staff member
Jim, there is zoom control on the left of the map. Hit the plus icon to zoom in. You can also click on the bar between + and - to jump to a zoom level. Play with it a bit.

Matt Burke

Active Member
I like to double click on where I want to go (that centers the map) and then zoom. It helps to click the hybrid feature so you can have the map overlay the sat view and know what landmark you are next to. Most areas don't have high res photos so you can't zoom in all the way, but the map feature will still be there. Some spots, like along beaches and cities, the res is good enough to make out your car. You wont be able to lay out a float trip expecting to know where rocks are though. It does have fairly up to date roads and some old ones that may not be passable. If it's a spot I don't know the general area of where it may be, then I'll google it. It’s a great resource. I’ve used it several hundred times already in combination with mapquest or topozone.