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Fished Cuts this mornign for a few hrs on the outgoing. Had some great fishing with poppers. There was a little scattered candlefish hanging tight to the eel grass which the cuts would chase. This made for some great popper fishing.
I think i only landed 6 or 7 but had well over 15 different fish, maybe more, come up to the fly and break water.

Steve Rohrbach

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D3, I have had some great fun the past 2 years with Leland's Popper for Coho's in the salt. Have you had any Salmonids give your popper a look? I had a 14 pound Coho torpedo the popper last Labor Day on the Situk River in Alaska. Talk about fun! I love chasing Sea Run Cutthroats as well.
Steve :thumb:

Rob Ast

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D3-what general area were you fishing? I went up to point-no-point around the low and I and the other 8-10 bait casters got skunked.


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Steve- havent been using lelands popper but rather another surface fly which is more of a slider. I have tried lelands but it makes too much of a pop for me. The one i use has a spun deer hair head which slides through the water better.
I have had a lot of salmon slam the popper though. Great fun for the cohos and even some Kings. Hooked a big one the other day but he broke me off. I think his teeth were too much for the 12lb floro.

robast- about 20 minutes from the dock on the N end of the island.