fly fishing off Lopez Island

Hi Everyone,

My buddy and I plan to take his 22' Parker boat out on Saturday and Sunday to hunt humpies and/or other fish. His boat is docked on Lopez Island, so I was hoping that someone might have some tips for us on where to look for fish. We'll only be about half an hour or so from north Whidbey Island. I've been told to fish Hein (sp?) Bank, but is it too deep for fly fishing? How about Deception Pass? North Whidbey beaches?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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i heard a great beach report from the SW part of deception pass about a week ago. Dont know what it is like now, but it was hot...
hit the south/west part of the island at the low and follow the fish north as they work their way through the islands between Lopez and San Juan up to Shaw and beyond...look for jumpers, gulls etc.

can also do the same on the West side of san Juan - start at the bottom of the island and work north with the fish once the tide turns.

should have some large silvers in the mix as well - have fun!