Richmond beach Park: a couple questions

I would like to try it tomorrow morning at first light. Never been there,and I'd like to try fishing for pinks and cohos.
But after chatting with a ranger at Pic** Pt who said they may fine whoever is trespassing before the 7am opening, I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if Richmond Park:

1) Is open before 7
2) has any legal parking on the streets around the park entrance
3) has an 'unofficial" access if the gates are closed? :rolleyes:
4) has a parking fee

I fished RB last Thursday after work. Signs inside the park say open "dawn until dusk." I specifically looked since I headed there the Saturday before at around 6:30 AM to try it out and the gate was closed, so theoretically the park was open but that didn't do me any good.

There is really no parking by the gate and it is a long, long way down (and a very long way back up later).

There is "unofficial" access at low tide from the north (look at a map, it is obvious where), but you have to access the park via private, although undeveloped tideland property. I don't encorage you to do this since it pisses the neighbors off. Also, don't be tempted to walk down the train tracks. Some of the trains move very fast through this area, there are lots of blind curves. The passenger trains are really quiet. Fishing isn't worth your life.

There is no fee. And a big plus for us coffee drinkers is that their are rest-rooms on the tracks side of the beach.
Nope - I ended up going to LP and landed a nice resident coho and loosing another fish. Another member of the forum reported RB being really slow right now.
I fished RB twice last week after work, right at or after high tide. Lots of salad, saw one fish roll waaaaaaaaaaaay out.