(NFR) Fisheries career at a crossroads (need some advice)


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Hey all, I’m looking for a little career advice. I’ve been in Laramie, WY the past two years working on my masters in stream ecology. I finally finished up last week! I’ve had my head in the books or classroom constantly and now I have a chance to step back for a minute and decide whether to find a job or keep going with school. I have an offer to stick around here another 3-4 years to work on a doctorate in watershed ecology (pending funding for summer field work). However, I’m really excited about the idea of returning to the PNW to work as a fish biologist/research scientist.

My question is for all of you that work in the fisheries science/management/NGO fields. What kind of jobs are out there now for someone with a M.S.? I got my B.S. at U of Washington in fisheries then worked for 2.5 years as a biologist for NOAA in Seattle before I moved out here for grad school. I can write, I have experience with lots of software including GIS and stats packages, and I enjoy the whole process of field-based science/research.

I have to get this figured out in the next 6 months or so. I welcome any comments/advice from fellow pathological fishermen/women who have figured out a way to keep fish in the forefront of our lives and make a living at it.


P.S. Another 3-4 years in WY wouldn’t be all that bad. I will be spoiled forever as a trout fisherman when I leave. :cool:


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Pay now so you can play later. As young as I figure you might be, do the math.... Study now, so you can get it all over with right now. Then never look back wishing you did.

Pay now so you can play later... You have the opportunity, take advantage of it. There is no such thing as too much education. I vote school...

I wish I was in your shoes.

Scott Behn

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Yes congrats are in order troutpocket...I too have started my schooling. I have finished my 1st year towards my Wildlife Biology degree and I'm going to be turning 35 years old this December, so get your schooling. You can always find jobs, but trust me it's hard to get back into learning mode after you have spent X amount of years in the workforce.

Again congrats on your Degree!!!!