Area 9 Report 9/07

Arrived on the water at 7, which was later than I wanted because I didn't set my crappy alarm right :beathead: Saw several salmon jumping and rolling. No action until around 9:30 when I somehow managed to snag a pink on my first strip after letting the fly sink for a while. I was pretty surprised to see a pink out there this late. My guess is that he ate the fly and then spat it out and then I snagged him but who knows, maybe I'm just destined to be a redneck. After switching to a more pinkish fly I hooked one, yes hooked not snagged, which got off after 5 seconds. It might have been a big cut because I don't think it would have gone 20 inches. A few fish, probably pinks, continued to porpoise and ignore our flies. Four other anglers had no luck as far as I could tell. We left a little before noon.