Grande Ronde (Drift boat, pontoon or wade?)

they need to have a map of where you can camp and where you cant along the ronde.. above heller bar it all fun fishing but at the mouth it is rough tough fishing. it should be catch and release up to the narrows or maybe to shumaker or maybe to boggans or maybe to the border. mike w


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definately leave the DB at home....boggans has a shuttle service for $50.00 back to schumaker for a half-day/day run. Take your time if you float boggans to schumaker as it is a short run but has a lot of holes.

As for the pressure...nothing like your side of the state ;) You never have a problem finding a run to yourself...granted it seems to be getting a little more pressure the last few years, but whats new??

best of luck and have a safe/fun trip

Tightline and myself are planning a mid Oct weekend trip to the GR. This 206er is a virgin to this water so I could not give advice on experience with this water. We are taking pontoons and should work out fine from my understanding.

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I kind of thought the pressure would be a far cry from what I commonly see on the Westside. I've got to say I'm a little bit conflicted with this being a first time trip for me. I want solitude and an uncrowded river, but I'm one more jerk off adding to the pressure, that I don't want. :beathead:

I don't know, maybe I should stay close to home and fish my regular waters and complain about the jerk offs who travel far distances to crowd "my river" :hmmm:


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Seriousely consider the Deschites or the John Day. Mid-October could be too early on the GR.

I don't know where you live, I live in North Bend and can be on the Deschutes or John Day in 4 hours, the drive back is 3 hours.

The GR is a huge drive and you should wait until November.

my .02

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I've been considering the Deschutes also. I'm not specific about fishing the Grande Ronde, I just want to have a cool experience over the few days of vacation I have left this year. The Deschutes down lower is a pretty good sized river and I'm afraid my little pea-brain would melt. I haven't checked the reg's. yet but the uppper Deschutes around Sun River sounds like it might be a good time.

The drive to the Grande Ronde is a concern. I'm thinking about scaling down what I take and if the weather is decent riding my motorcycle down to the Deschutes. Why do you suggest the Deschutes and the John Day? Steelhead aren't exactly the goal, an experience worth vacation days is.


I think there are plenty of fish in the GR in Oct, even late Sept can be fruitful with the right water flow and temp. When you get to Nov I would think you would need to watch the weather conditions for the grade right?
The afternoon/early evening dry fly fishing is the real reason to go and water temps sliding in late Oct put a damper on that
Just make the drive to the Bulkley and then the GR will look like a nice hop down to the river. I bought Sirius radio several years ago and it has made the drive time fly

cheers, Travis