9/10 & 9/11 Coho Report


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Hit a Area 10 beach both Saturday & Sunday. Hooked three silvers and landed two on Saturday. Hit it again today and caught two fish. My buddy also landed one nice silver today. Almost all the fish I've seen caught recently have been in the 4-5lb range. Still waiting for some larger ocean fish to show up.
Fished the incoming tide. The best bite seemed to be between 6:00 and 8:00 AM.
howling winds have forced me on to the river. a spattering of fish, many gill netted in front of me, no hook ups for me or the ovum slingers. tryed swinging, drifting, stripping, voodoo...nothing. any tips for the ditch?

perhaps the wind will lay down tonight. :mad:


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one eyed -
BAck when I used to the fish the "ditch" regularly with flies by far the most effective methods were:
1) fish a stripped fly - 6 inch strips at a moderate rateb for the chinook and longer and faster strips for the coho.

2) For the chinook small was better than large - most successful flies were size 4s and 6s. Muted orange with white wing (polar bear) was the best color though black had its days. For the coho the success formula varied considerably from day to day with one large the ticket one day and the next day small. Found changing frequently from drab to flashy increased catches. After a fish or two on a pattern a change was in order.

3) the last of the ebb and first of the flood seemed to be the best tides.

Good luck