Area 11

Fished many of the points of land and salt water beaches around area 11 on Sunday 9-11. The days fishing was very slow. Marked many things around 3-4 foot down on the depth sounder most likely jelly fish, those depth sounders will mark every litte thing down there as a fish. The only fish I caught was one small baby Blackmouth and Amie had another frustrating day out there. Its a good thing she caught those 3 Sandsharks and a perch the weekend before last on a slump Buster and a hand line or she might think saltwater fishing is to difficult. She also watched a couple of SRC look at the slump buster as it was jigging up and down but they never hit the fly.
Looking down into the water Sunday we saw very little bait to be seen any where and never saw any sign of fish schools. I did see one larger Salmon jumping multiple times maybe 10 ft from shore off a beach close to PT Robinson but no Coho seem to have moved in yet and the one fish was the only local one I saw all day. Never saw any of the gear fishermen and women catch anything either and most like me would fish an area and move on after finding no fish in the area.
It does not look like the rains have brought any Coho into area 11 yet.


Left handed Gemini.
area 9 also was very slow even the herring guys were having a pretty tough go of it, there seemed to be plenty of fish and one place I go had a ton of bait but the fish just didn't seem interested.